Monday, January 16, 2012

Highs and Lows, 1-16-2012

What's up, dear reader? Guess what it's time for.

Life, Crafts and Whatever

  • Lover is still sick. He's been coughing for the past week or two. Loud, racking coughs that make me want to punch him in the head feel so bad for him. He finally made a dr's appt, expecting him to tell him that he had strep or something. His $150 diagnosis? Sinuses. The prescription he gave him? Over the counter Mucinex (tack on another $35). What the hell. At least we now know that he doesn't have strep (or the ebola virus like I kept telling him that he had) but dang, that's an expensive trip. 
  • I'm ready to punch Arielle's teacher in the head. We've been working really hard with Arielle's behavior in school (For a while, it seemed like every week, Arielle was coming home with a conduct mark, it was at it's worst in December. I had a talk with her teacher at the Christmas party that we're really working with her on her behavior). So the past week, she's had nothing written on her conduct sheet, so we've been really encouraging and cheering her on. Really celebrating her behavior and the lack of conduct marks. On Friday, we check her folder, and she has two marks for Tuesday. I've signed off on that damn thing every day so I know it wasn't there. How the hell am I supposed to discipline my kid for something she did 4 days ago? Come on lady, we're supposed to be a team. 
  • Ava had her 15 month check up (yes, she just turned 17 months on the 10th). 30 inches tall, 22 lbs 9.5 ounces. But since Ava is still not standing/walking on her own, the dr is going to have ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) come out to the house and evaluate her. She's taken a step or 2, two or three times, but it's definitely not consistent. She walks along furniture, will walk while holding onto a finger, but as soon as you try and pull your hand away, she immediately drops to her knees. That child has never been uneventful. 6 surgeries in her first two months of life, a case of RSV , and emergency surgery 4 days after her first birthday? That girl sure does like to keep us on our toes. 

    • Found a new banana bread recipe. Tried it, loved it, will blog about it. Made a huge loaf for us, and one for my mom and one for the elderly neighbors next door. Makes me feel all June Cleaver. 
    • Started working on piecing together my quilt. It's pretty. I heart it. 
    • New Meal Monday was a success. I made this recipe. Super easy. I couldn't get the cheese to stick, so I just sprinkled it on top. The whole family loved it (which doesn't always happen).  
    • My mom kept the girls on Saturday night. We got a pizza from Pizza Hut, watched some UFC. Good times. 
    • I tried a new dress pattern that I bought, and made a dress for a friend's daughter's birthday. I love how it turned out and can't wait to make one for Miss Ava. 
    • Finally finished cleaning the house. Oh em gee, the house has been a disaster lately. What is it about organizing that makes the house so darn messy? Lover even gave me a little shout out on FB, and then cooked dinner took us to Five Guys (my FAVORITE place to eat).

    Ava totally jacked my drink when we got to Five Guys, but who could say no to that face?

    • People are starting to leave feedback after my Etsy Christmas rush. (Buyers, if you buy something on Etsy, and you love it, please leave feedback for your sellers. Sellers live for feedback. You're only as good as your feedback score). Some that have been left lately really melted my heart. I posted a few of them on FB. It was such a nice feeling to know my hard work was appreciated. 

    • Arielle had her post last week sickness check up. She's still not 100%, but the dr said she's so much better. Yay!
    • My headboard is finally finished. I didn't like where it was going, so I made a few changes and I dig it now.
    • I actually have crap to post about, which is awesome! Sometimes I have NOTHING to blog about, and I don't want to be one of those bloggers who sticks a picture in a store bought frame and then posts 48 pictures showing it. I just need to plan out my posts, download the pics, etc. 
    • I'm planning an Totally 80's party for January 28th, and people are actually RSVPing. I'm excited. I just need to find a candy store that carries vintage candy. OMG, is 80's stuff considered vintage. Am I officially old? 
    Dang, that was a pretty darn good week.  


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    SkinnyMeg said... [Reply to comment]

    So sorry about J being sick, that stinks! I hate going to the dr usually it's an arm and a leg for a bunch of nothing! Ugh, insurance sucks nowadays, what ever happened to the 20 dollar copayment! Loved your headboard and I'm soooooooooo EXCITED for your party!!!!!!!

    Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

    That is really weird about the marks. I wonder why her teacher would do that, I can't imagine how it would help anything? Even if she did forget to do it on Tuesday, you're right, too much time has passed to be helpful. Hope you guys get it worked out!

    Lisa Fliehman said... [Reply to comment]

    I love this post. I need to try something like this. But seriously I like to forget the downs of my life!!! And Soap Scum Killa Rocks!!!!

    High Five! said... [Reply to comment]

    Came for the Killa soap scum but your dd post caught my eye... When my dd was in one of many hospital stays as a baby, the Early Interventionist told me to expect 1 -3 weeks of delay in skills PER DAY of hospital stay! Especially if much of it is sedated. So don't be discouraged! That was before they knew part of her brain was MIA and her delays are related to that, but it might apply to your dd and all her surgeries and such. :)

    Janice said... [Reply to comment]

    So what's your thoughts. When I get my Highs and Lows done DAYS after you post this, should I just wait til next week and link quickly or just link now?