Monday, January 23, 2012

High and Lows, 1/23/2012

Life, Crafts and Whatever

  • We are all still hacking and coughing around here. All 5 of us. What. The. Crap. It's been like a month. I was pretty convinced that I have the ebola virus, or bird flu, or the plague, but according to the dr, it's just sinus stuff. He recommended Mucinex, but since we just discovered some lovely news, I get to suffer, medicine free. 
  • Had to write a not to nice note to Arielle's teacher. We've been having a lot of problems the past couple of months with Arielle's behavior, and I've talked to her teacher about it. Arielle had a great conduct sheet last week, nothing marked off, so we've been really celebrating it. High fives, hugs, etc. Well, on Friday, I check the sheet, and there are two marks on it for Tuesday. What the crap? I've been signing it every day, I know they weren't there. So I wrote a note saying that it's impossible for me to discipline Arielle for something that happened four days ago, and I would appreciate it if in the future, her conduct sheet is kept up to date. I also had to remind her teacher that I'm STILL waiting on the results of the Connor's test (for ADD) that I sent in back in November. When I talked to her teacher on December 16th at the Christmas party, I mentioned that I sent in the test a month ago, and she said that they were waiting on her to do her part of the test, but she's been busy and will get to it. So I mentioned in the note (sent Jan 17th, so a full month after I talked to her) that I'm still waiting on the results, and voila! I get the results back the next day. Grrrrr. I'm all about appreciating a teacher, and I understand that my kid isn't the only one in your class, but come on lady. 

  • Ya know, the whole I'm pregnant thang. Only 4 weeks along, but holy crap. I'm going to have 4 kids. I think it's still sinking in. We did plan this pregnancy, but dang.
  • We played Twister with the girls the other night, and holy cow, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. We're really trying hard to spend more time with the girls, as a family and one on one. 
  • My 80's party is this Saturday! I'm super excited. I've been pinning things on Pinterest, but surprisingly there isn't a lot of ideas on there for 80's parties. I've ordered some things for prizes, making up a music trivia, costumes required. Let's just hope that some people show up! My friends Julie, Megan, and Jenny will be there, and a few others, I'm excited. I found an awesome outfit today at a new thrift store. I just need to have my mom make some alterations, but booyah, it'll be awesome. 
  • Found a new show that I'm in love with, it's called Once Upon A Time. Seriously, love it. I like having new shows to watch. Ru Paul's Drag Race starts up again next week, booyah. 
  • Arielle's Connors test shows that she has significant markers for ADD. And no, while that might not normally be a high, it's nice to know that I'm not just a shitty parent, and there is something that can be fixed/helped/modified. 
So, I think that's it. 


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    Janice said... [Reply to comment]

    I'm going to post last weeks since I didn't get around to it last week.

    And I'm still excited that you're pregnant and you KNOW that if you ever need to complain about pregnancy to someone who knows she should only be grateful but was also very miserable, just drop me an email.

    And I LOVE Once Upon a Time. What a fun, fresh show! Hate that wicked queen. The woman ruins everything.

    Sam | Away She Went said... [Reply to comment]

    If I lived closer, I'd definitely be at your 80s party! Even if I wasn't invited! haha!

    -Lidy said... [Reply to comment]

    Congrats on the pregnancy!! Hope you get better soon. Hacking cough=no fun!

    LOL...I thought you said that you found a new SHOE that you loved. I wondered why, in the next sentence you said you love finding new shoes to watch. I was like "wow, the shoe even has a name." I clicked on the link to see this new shoe that has to be watched's a SHOW!!! LOL!!!!!!!!! I'm a dork!

    Sara Ferrell said... [Reply to comment]

    Random Pinterest person here! Did you ask your Dr about Mucinex? It was one of the few meds I was able to take while pregnant! Also, I have an Ava, too! And she's only 8 days older than yours! :) It's a great name, isn't it?