Wednesday, February 23, 2011

makeup + my mug = this post

Remember yesterday when I told you that I had found all of these super fun link parties? I'm joining another one called...

The rules are pretty simple. Post a pic of your bare face. Yes, I just said that. Post a picture of yourself, sans makeup, on the internet for all to see.

So here I am, fresh out of the shower, and my hair has air dried. I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. It's naturally wavy. But not beach, sexy waves. No, these are the "Oops, I forgot to brush my hair this morning" waves. But with that comes super thickness and a lot of body. Thick enough that I always have to have the hairdresser thin it out. A lot. I know women are supposed to want thick hair and lots of body. I spend my time trying to thin my out and flatten it down. Yes, you can hate me now.

So here, I am, in all my naked makeup glory.

So Tresemme heat tamer spray + chi straightening iron + bed head "Hard 2 Get" texturizing paste =

Now, I'm going to share my make up and make up application with you. I'll be honest, I don't have a damn clue on how to do my make up. I can't even get my eyebrows to be the same shape. And I've looked up a billion youtube tutorials, I've had my make up done by some of the best make up artists in Dallas and totally picked their brain, and still, I'm clueless. I'm half Korean, which means I have hooded eyes and no crease. So I just make it up as I go along, and blend the crap out of it.

And I have a lot of cheap inexpensive make up. I hate spending money on make up. And I don't know what I'm doing with it anyway. So most of my stuff is drugstore make up. I have a MAC eyeshadow brush that I love dearly, but it's so old that the numbers are worn off of it.

My first step? Eyelid primer and spot coverage. I used to use some white tube of eyelid primer, something I picked up from Ulta for $17ish. But a make up artist friend of mine told me that she uses Rimmel Hide The Blemish concealer as eyelid primer, which I happened to have in my stash.

So I use that on my eyelids, and to cover up any yucky blemishes. And I have a small scar on my upper lip that gets covered, even though hubby assures me that no one can see it. Our old cat decided it was a good idea to bite my face when I was 5 months pregnant and split open my upper lip. I mean, seriously split it. To where I had to get on antibiotics and have liquid stitches on it. So sadly, back to the shelter he went (we had him for a year). In our household, once you bite, you can't live here anymore. I have my kids to think about, and they come first.

Next, I'm going to get out my eye stuff. I know, the norm is to do foundation first, and then eyes, right? EVERY single make up artist that I've used does eyes first. You know why? So any eyeshadow that falls on your face can be brushed off of clean skin, and doesn't ruin the foundation job that you've already done. So first I'm going to be using my liquid eyeliner.

Yes, it's super cheap. Something I picked up from Walmart for a couple of bucks. But it does the trick. I use it to dot little dots at the base of my eye lashes, a trick I picked up in a magazine. Supposed to make your lashes look thicker. You can kinda see it in the pic.
Ha, I totally look like I'm looking at you. Better hope you're dressed!

Next, I'm going to get out my eyeshadows. I use three different ones. I use one color out of each pallette.

Hard Candy "break up" - green color used on outer 3rd of lid
Ulta brand eyeshadow quad - used for the brow highlight, color is silk
Maybelline Eyestudio "Green With Envy" -used for the second from the left color on lids and allover color, and under my lower lids

So I apply those with my old MAC brush and my fingers. Blend blend blend. And I'll use the last dark color of the Maybelline pallet on my lash line on top. Looks like I already used my mascara in the pic too.

So next is my lips. I use Covergirl Outlast "blush" as my lipliner, and Rimmel lipstick in Paradise. I have my Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil in the pic too, that's my last step.

I do line a bit outside of my natural lipline. No, not in the scary "brown lip liner, pale pink lipstick" way. But where the liner and lipstick match. And my favorite part? I HEART the Summer Vanilla Lemon collection at Bath and Body Works, I have the lotion, the body spray, AND the lip gloss. I put just a dot of lipgloss in the middle of my bottom lip, it's supposed to give the illusion of a fuller lip.

And then we'll finish off the the mineral veil to cover up my shiny spots. And voila!

Oh, and I'm going to let you in on a little secret

You know how bloggers are supposed to be fabulous super moms, and have immaculate houses? Kids named John and Sally with fresh churned butter in the icebox?

Yeah, I must have missed the memo that day. Here is my bathroom in a daily basis. Hubby asks why I can never shut a drawer. I tell him that it's the same reason that he never turns off the closet light. "Cause I'll go back in there eventually." Two guesses which side is mine, and which side belongs to my OCD husband.

 Don't tell anyone that I revealed that I'm a less than perfect blogger, or I'll get kicked out of the Blogger Cool Kids Club.

Are you going to join the party? Be brave!


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Kristen @ Who's Watching the Baby? said... [Reply to comment]

You look fantastic! I had my makeup done (first time in... I don't even know. 10 years?) at MAC a few weeks ago, and I barely recognized myself when I left. She put eyeliner on the INSIDES of my eyelids. I don't even know how to do that. And the lipcolor she chose was W.A.Y. lighter than my actual lipcolor, so I looked kind of like a fat stripper.

But also? Kind of hot. Shh, don't tell anyone.

Janice said... [Reply to comment]

Ages ago I did a little study in handwriting analysis and found that I barely EVER close my parentheses. Not so much when I type, but if I hand write something, 80% of opening parentheses will not have their little closing parenthesis buddy at the end of my thought. So apparently that's a sign of a personality that often heads off to other tasks before finishing the one it's on. Which is why I NEVER invite anyone to see my craft room full of ALMOST finished projects, and why I have a serious problem with leaving drawers and cabinets open all the time.

So just thought I'd share that I have the similar close-the-drawer issue and it seems like it's actually a mild neurosis for me.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

It's nice to know someone else leaves hair products out on the counter. I'm guilty of that, too!

Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

I love makeup! And I admire mommies who still manage to stay pretty despite of the crazy hectic schedule!;) keep it up!

Natalia Lynn said... [Reply to comment]

LOL I love it! I am a bit messy too... I must have missed that mommy day with the clean kids and house. Whoops!

Richelle said... [Reply to comment]

Ok I'm just laughing at you !! Your so funny !! Your bathroom looks so freaking great next to mine. For some stupid reason, we have the smallest bathroom in the house !! And I am a makeup whore !! Yes, I said it and I'm very proud of it!! You name it and I have it !! I am a strong believer that if you feel cute your day will go better !!So doing my hair and makeup is a must everyday !

Five Seconds From Crazy said... [Reply to comment]

Oh shuuuuut up! You look freakin amazing without makeup and then you're a total knockout with.
Le sigh....I will eat spiders for breakfast before I post a pic of myself with no makeup. Ferris Bueller... you're my hero.

Ashleigh@Sincerely said... [Reply to comment]

I have that same drawer shutting disease! If I took a picture of my vanity we'd be twins!

Thanks for the comment,

Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said... [Reply to comment]

what a fun post!! :) And I don't know about you but I'm in the imperfect bloggers club too. haha.
My craft(dining) room looks like Michael's and Joann's both threw up in it. That's the fun of being creative. Or at least that's what I tell hubby.