Friday, June 24, 2011

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.

Nope, I wasn't swallowed by a huge sinkhole. Didn't get sucked up into an alternate universe. Just been lazy.

And in between my bouts of laziness, I've been working on a spray painting project, and spending WAY too many hours on Pinterest. Is there a Pinterest Anonymous? If so, I'd need to go.

And I've been working a lot with my baby girl. She missed her momma last week at VBS. She's 10 months old, and still isn't standing, or putting any weight on her legs. Like, at all. She'll stand if you hold her up and lock her legs, but if not, she'll just pull them up. The pediatrician said that if she isn't doing it in 6 weeks, then we'll look into physical therapy (to see if it's laziness or an actual issue). But hubby and I aren't worried. I figure, she was premature, and spent over two months in the NICU, having surgery after surgery after surgery.  If she's a little behind, then she has every reason to be. I see the pediatrician's point about catching any problems early, but we're not worried.

I just recently started a Facebook page for this blog. Have you liked it? I'd love it if you would. How am I supposed to judge my self worth if the numbers are low?

                                                                  Source: via Corey on Pinterest

Wish I could take the credit for the super adorable pic and how it relates to my FB post, but I totally jacked the idea from Tara at FabuLessly Crafty. Even my cleverness is taking a break this week.


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Dragonfliez Made said... [Reply to comment]

I too spend way too many hours on Pinterest. I will actually sit in the car pool lane 20 minutes early, just to sit and look at it on my phone. I get made when signal is bad too.

Try to find me, if we aren't already following each other.

gin said... [Reply to comment]

Just liked ya. I love the widget you have where you don't have to even leave the page to like. Good for a lazy person like me. I might just install one on my page. :)

Jen @ Domesticated Nomad said... [Reply to comment]

Glad you are not in a sinkhole because I think that would suck.

I'm glad you are paying attention but not being worried about your girl's development. My son was slow on speech and they freak out, but I wouldn't agree to anything right away. I kept telling them he had a big brother who talked constantly, he just couldn't get a word in. Turns out I was right. He's talking now. And talking. :) It is good to catch things early, but it's also good to trust your mommy intuition. Just saying.

Janice said... [Reply to comment]

I was starting to wonder about the sink hole. I'm glad you aren't in one.

That's funny about Ava. Belle was the same way. She went boneless every time we tried to get her to stand up. Until one day when she just did it all by herself. Crazy child. These girls and their independent streaks!