Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to my sexy amazing hubby

I seriously couldn't have picked a better father for my three girls. It's such an amazing feeling to find a person who loves your kids like their own, with no difference between step children and "real" children. That's hard to find.


Thank you for being the type of Daddy that Arielle deserves, and loving her as your own, even though there are some days we want to punch her in the head. Thank you for being firm with her, and guiding her to do the right thing (when it's the complete opposite of what she wants to do, and she makes that very well known). Thank you for doing homework with her, for teaching her to be a respectful young lady, and for always finding a way to bring a smile to her face when she wants to pout and shut down.


Thank you for being such a wonderful daddy to Jasmin, you're the only daddy she knows and remembers. Thank you for teaching her that she doesn't need to repeat herself 14 times for us to hear her. Thank you for making pink cupcakes with her, for answering all of her billion questions, for flying her into bed every night. Thank you for having so much patience with her, when I'm about to pull my hair out.


Thank you for giving me such a perfect, precious baby who looks just like you. For standing by my side through all the stress, and those long 66 days and 6 surgeries in the NICU. Thank you for always stepping in to help with the girls and housework when you get home, even though you've worked all day and I've just sat on the couch and watched SVU when I should have been cleaning. Thank you for showing me what kind of daddy I want for my girls.

And to my husband. 

Thank you for always being my partner in crime, for putting me and my girls above all others. 

Thank you for always making me laugh when I want to pull my hair out, and for making me want to be a better mother by watching you be an amazing father. 

Thank you for giving a meaning to the word "soul mate". 

Thank you for being my very best friend in the entire world. 

I love you Jake, there is none better.


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Tannis said... [Reply to comment]

Wonderful post. You are very lucky, and it sounds like you know it! Congratuations on a great family, your girls are very lucky. Thanks for sharing.

Janice said... [Reply to comment]

Such a great post!