Sunday, June 19, 2011

Highs and lows. Numero... something.

It's Sunday, so that means it's time for Highs and Lows.

Life, Crafts and Whatever

  • I volunteered for Vacation Bible School again this past week. I'm usually in the nursery, but this year I was asked to be part of the souvenir/registration team. I spent most of my days blinging out the VBS shirts. For a crafter, it was a dream come true. It was really awesome to see the girls come pick out their shirts and be all excited about the bling. 
  • I was saved on June 16th. I've wavered back and forth on the whole Christianity thing, and I'm blessed to have never felt any criticism from any of our friends (hubby works in a church, so most of our friends are church members/employees). But I met a wonderful lady that really spoke to my soul. I ended up praying with her and allowed Jesus into my heart. No worries, I'll still be the cursing, loud, tattooed chick I've always been. But there was a sense of peace. I have no idea what I said when I prayed outloud, but when it was over, I was crying, and so was she. She said it was the most beautiful prayer she's ever heard. I think I was meant to meet her. I posted about it on facebook later that day, and I got so many texts, comments and messages, some from people I didn't even know, saying that they've been praying for that for me for a while, and they're so happy to have me on board.
  • Hubby was inspired by my being saved, and decided to recommit himself. He's always been raised in church, but never made the decision on his own. We went over to our friends house (the husband happens to be a pastor) and he prayed with my husband. 
  • Our friend (the pastor mentioned above) is going to Baptize us on July 2nd. My good friend, Michaela, said it was a cause worth celebrating, and is throwing us an after party at her house. How awesome is that? What amazing friends. 
  • Had a great girls night with my friends Erin and Candace.  Went to Chili's where we had horrible service and great conversation. 
  • Had a great Father's Day with my hubby. I got him a frame with pics of the girls, and made cupcakes to look like a BBQ grill. Then we had a huge water balloon fight, girls against boy. 

  • My girls stayed the night at my mom's on Saturday. Hubby and I had an all day date. Lunch at Five Guys, shopping at Kohls, went to see Super 8 on the IMAX screen, then shopping at Hobby Lobby for Ava's birthday stuff. Can't believe my baby girl is about to be 1. We got this photo in a booth at the theater. Best $3 I could have spent. Yes, I posted the same pic in my Father's Day post, but it's so cute I had to post it twice.

  • My giveaway ends tonight, but I've gotten 50 new followers in the past week. Not because I bribed anyone with an awesomely epic tray, but because of my epic awesomeness. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 
  • The pastor mentioned above is leading a new campus of the church. At dinner, he said "Hey, you guys are brutally honest, want to do me a favor?" So hubby and I have been asked to show up unannounced at a sermon, and be brutally honest with what we think of the facility, the nursery, the people, etc. I love that we're known as the brutally honest people, instead of the ones who sugar coat everything.  
  • My oldest daughter finally got her ears repierced. She's been asking to get it done for a while. So I took her up to my friends shop, and we double teamed her. Gotta love having a client who's mom is an ex-piercer, right? We did it at the same time so Arielle wouldn't back out after just one. But my big girl didn't even shed a tear. 


    • Got in the stupidest fight with one of my good friends. I hate fighting with people, but I'm also a firm believer in letting someone know if I'm upset with them. So I did. And neither of us can really let go of our side to see the other person's side. So we both got butt hurt, and apologized, and we said we're good, but I'm afraid it's going to be weird when we hang out again. Do we acknowledge it, or pretend it didn't happen? Ugh. Girl World sucks! It'd be nice to be a dude. 
              "Hey, dude, what the crap?"
    "Yeah, man, sorry. My bad, I wasn't thinking."

    And then it's over and done with. Girls have to be all emotional, or passive aggressive, and drag the shit out. I know we still love each other, but damn. Suckage all the way around.

    • two of our good friends' car got hit by another car, and that car took off. Thank God the lady's license plate fell off so they could find who it was. But there was no cameras on that intersection, and no one stopped as a witness. So it's their word against hers (she's claiming that it was they who took off and fled the scene). A silver lining would be that their two adorable babies weren't in the car. Thankful for small favors, right?
    • The dryer door caught my middle finger nail and broke it down to the quick. Bleeding, pain, ouch. So that means that everything I tried to touch or grab all week made my finger start to throb. Ugh. 
    • My car decided to be stupid, causing me to miss out on hitting up my favorite thrift store and lunch with my mom. Apparently the brake switch is bad on it and needs to be replaced. I pulled in the driveway, and couldn't put my car in park. Luckily the guy on the phone was able to tell me what to do to fix it, but by then, my mom was already eating (since I already called her to cancel) so goodbye lunch plans and shopping. 

    So there you have it, another week where the highs outnumber the lows. Not too shabby. 
      Fingers crossed that someone besides Julie links up :) Love ya, chick! Thanks for always playing along!


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      LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick said... [Reply to comment]

      You're so awesome. Really. I love reading your blog, and this post rocks!

      I would link up but my week kinda grandmother passed away so it was pretty much all lows!

      Lesley said... [Reply to comment]

      Irk. I hate girl fights. You guys will get over it, though. I had an epic fight with my bud which resulting in her calling me a drama queen bitch and me telling her she was the worst excuse for a mother I'd ever witnessed. A year later we made up but we are certainly not BFFs anymore. It hurts big time when someone who knows you well thinks you suck a little.

      Super proud of you and Jake for the Jesus leap together. Awesome that he's recommitting. Hugging you from Canaduh.

      Rachel said... [Reply to comment]

      OK, so I've been reading your blog for a while now, and somehow missed that this "highs and lows" thing was something I was allowed to do too. ;) I want to play! I'll link up - next time!

      And I just have to say - I'm so happy for you that you got saved. Get ready for the most awesome relationship of your LIFE. :)

      -Lidy said... [Reply to comment]

      I LOVE the photo you gave your husband. Very unique idea...makes me wish I had little kids again...almost! LOL The cupcakes are awesome! Congrats on your decision to let Jesus into your heart. It's the only relationship where the other person knows the REAL us and loves us anyway. :)

      Julie said... [Reply to comment]

      I love playing along... it is always a highlight of my week! Sorry about your car! Hopefully it doesn't cost too much to fix er up! I LOVE the frame you did for JAKE it is totally stinkin adorable! Did you buy wooden letters or cut them out or what? I may have to do that next year! Cupcakes adorable, water balloon fight awesome, looks like you had as good of a week as I did. About being baptized I am so happy for you. Jake and I haven't found the right place for us yet around here and after the last attempt at my old church it just wasn't right. I always grew up in the church, but Jake didn't. It's a convo we should have for another day because I could ramble for a while. Anyways, I am very excited for you!!! Hope you are having a great week!

      sippycuptrails said... [Reply to comment]

      Will totally link up next time! I <3 you girl!

      Lovely Light said... [Reply to comment]

      Hey there- I didn't do it for last week, but will be linking up on Sunday! I really liked the framed photos for your father's day presents! Great idea!