Sunday, May 29, 2011

Highs and Lows, six. Let's do this.

It's Sunday Funday. Time for Highs and Lows. Pretty simple. Share the highs and lows of your week. So link up, fabulous peeps. Makes me feel all awesome.

Life, Crafts and Whatever


  • Really enjoyed my Father in law's visit. Always do. Such a wonderful grandfather to my girls, great conversations, lotsa fun. 
  • Took the older girls to Hawaiian Falls (a waterpark). It was their award for playing sports at our church this year (instead of a plastic trophy that will collect dust). They had a ton of fun. Small low though, after being there for about 2 hours, it started lightening. So we left (rather than wait to see if the lightening would pass) and went to Marble Slab Creamery. Great night. 
  • I won this Stella & Dot ring in a giveaway. Got it in the mail yesterday. Totally heart it! Even hubby said he liked it in person, he said in pictures he thought it looked like an old lady ring. 

  • I have been DROOLING over this Stella & Dot necklace for a couple of months. But $228? Yowzas. Sheesh. Not happening. Happened to find it on ebay for a third of the price last night, and hubby leaned over, and clicked the "buy it now" option. That's pimp, I'm super excited. I might wear it with everything. Sundresses. Tank tops. Pajamas. I considered trying to make something like it, but for what I spent, it probably wasn't going to be worth it.

  • Getting the Father's Day gift planned. Told my girlfriends about it, and they want to do the same thing too. So we're getting together on Thursday to do it. 
  •  Had an amazing day yesterday with hubby and Ava. My dad picked up the older girls yesterday morning, they're going to camp in the backyard, so the girls were super excited. Hubby and I drove out to Five Guys (YUM!), and then did some shopping. Picked up some fabric, hit up Hobby Lobby for new craft supplies, picked up the stuff for Father's Day. Then we watched a (very lame) UFC. Pretty good night, minus the lameness. 
  • Tuesday is "Career Day" at Jasmin's pre-k. So she asked me to make her a nurse outfit. Not scrubs, she wants the white dress with a hat. Made me smile that my 5 year old asked me to make something, instead of buy it. I picked up a pattern at Hancock Fabric yesterday (99 cents, thanks Memorial Day weekend sales) and a stethoscope at Party City. Making it today with my mom. 
  • Going over to my parents house today for a BBQ. Made this dessert last night. Got this jello mold for under $3 shipped. Mine doesn't look exactly like theirs, but I hope it's yummy. And yeah, that's not my dessert pic. Mine is a lot fewer straight lines.

  • Finally got on Pinterest, and I'm now I'm HOOKED. Like I need a new obsession. 
  • Decided on Ava's birthday theme, which is awesome. I'm a girly girl, hubby is sick of pink and princess stuff. So we narrowed it down to a circus theme. Yup, pinning circus ideas on pinterest. 

  • Arielle (my 2nd grader) had her last day of school on the 27th. But my pre-k girl isn't out until the 7th, and they go to the same school. Basically, since Arielle passed all of her requirements, she doesn't have to go to the Tier 2 part of the year. Yeah, that was fun to explain to Jasmin. 
  • Our AC is acting up AGAIN. Went thru this crap last year. Last year we got up to 86 in the house. Today it's at 79, even though it's set for 75. Have to wait for tomorrow before the guy can come out. Pisses me off. I mean, I was there when we signed the house papers. I'm pretty sure I don't remember a section that said "Congratulations on your house. It's going to cost you $XXXk and includes an AC unit that will give you the finger every summer when it starts getting hot". 
  • The weather was SCARY this week. We live in Rockwall, see that on the map? Yeah, scary. We didn't get the kids out of bed, but I stocked the bathroom with water, formula, snacks, flashlight, pillows, etc.

So another week of epic awesomeness. Holy crap I had a lot of highs. So thankful Lord for all of my blessings.


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jandjhome said... [Reply to comment]

I love reading these. Love your highs.

Janice said... [Reply to comment]

That is a great group of highs! What a fun week! And your highs way out numbered your lows. (Boo for tornados! We had a long night here in Missouri too. Took the kids to the basement for a couple minutes one night...) And you should secretly send me what you're doing for father's day. I'm thinking I need a good idea.

Lesley said... [Reply to comment]

Su-weet! I love all of your highs! Allison saw a commercial yesterday for some Lego waterpark in Cali and was like, " Can we pu-leeeeas? go there this weekend? "
Um, no. We live 1700 miles away, dear.
I'll bet you're excited that school's almost out! Summer 2011 is going to be epic.

Kelley said... [Reply to comment]

Sorry to hear about your ac unit, we have had the same problem here every summer since we moved in. That's 4 summers in a row! The ac guy came by today but has to order the part so it'll be tomorrow before it gets fixed. It reached 90 in our house today. (we are in Arizona)

Yay for having more highs than lows! Let's hope every week is like that.