Monday, August 6, 2012

If You Really Knew Me...

I saw this fun post over at Sometimes Sweet, and thought I would play along! Seemed like a good way to share a bit about myself in a fun way. 

If you really knew me....

You'd know that I think a cold Cherry Coke in a frosted mug, with a bunch of marischino cherries and a bendy straw is one of the best things ever. 

You'd know that I am constantly buying and shopping for big statement necklaces and super long dangly earrings, but then I never wear them. 

You'd know that I'm hopelessly addicted to sea salt and vinegar chips. Absolute favorite brand is Miss Vickie's, but Lays come in a close second. 

You'd know that my dream dog is a harlequin great dane. I will own one someday, probably when all the kids are out of the house. Until then, we're happy with our two small rescue dogs. 

You'd know that I'd do anything to help an animal. Saturday morning, I was woken up at 3am by what I thought was one of the kids crying. I get up, check on them, and nope, they're all asleep. Go back to bed, hear it again. Check on the girls again. After having a heart attack since I'm now imagining ghosts and crying baby demons, I open the back door, and see a black cat sitting there howling. I go outside, fed him a can of tuna, and sent him on his way and went back to bed. When I woke up at 7am, he was sitting on the front porch, and ran inside to hubby's office. I just left him in there, he wasn't bothering anything. When hubby woke up, we made a "Found Cat" note and taped it on the mailbox. Not 5 minutes later, a crying lady was knocking at my door, asking if we found a black cat. I invited her in, she saw the cat and hugged him. She said he got out the night before and she's been terrified that he'd be run over (black cat at night) or hurt (just was declawed). He was a gift from her husband as she recovers from brain surgery. I'm not a cat person, but he obviously needed a friend. 

You'd know that the scariest thing in the world to me a locust. Give me an ax murderer any day, just don't show me a locust. 

You'd know that I would never, ever belittle or speak negatively about my husband. I never understand why people do that to their spouses, especially on facebook. 

You'd know that my favorite exercise activity is kick boxing. I think it's awesome. Makes me feel like a total bad-ass, and what chick isn't sexy when they're sweating and wearing boxing gloves? 

You'd know that I am not an organized person. At all. Which drives my OCD husband insane. I'm always losing things, or misplacing them. In fact, we just had to drop $25 on a new pool pass since I lost ours. I lost it last year too but was able to find it after hours of searching. 

You'd know I'm blind as a bat. My eyesight is something like 400/20 (or 20/400? Whatever the near sighted one is). For you contact wearers, my left eye is -8.5, my right is -9. I'd love to get some cute rectangle eyeglasses, but they're so thick that I can't. 

You'd know that when I get super anxious about something, my neck and chest breaks out in big, red patches. So embarrassing! 

You'd know that during the fall and winter, 99% of the time you'll catch me wearing knee high boots. 

You'd know that I'm a morning person. Even before having a baby who wakes up at 6:30ish, I RARELY sleep past 6:30. I can never understand how people sleep until noon. I just feel like I'm wasting my entire day. 

You'd know that I'm slightly neurotic about how I sleep. Not so much blanket wise, but I sleep with 4 pillows that have to be just right for me to be able to sleep. I hate hate hate sheet washing day, because it jacks up my perfect pillow placement. 

You'd know that I'm a lightweight when it comes to drinking. One drink and I'm toasty and feeling gggooooooddd. I'm not a beer drinking gal, more into the expensive fruity girly drinks like bahama mama or pina colada. Which is good that I only order one. 

You'd know that I'm way too good at holding a grudge. I try not to be, cause who wants to live like that. But hubby will tell you that I'm the first one to write someone off if I feel they've "wronged" me. Sad but true, but I'm working on it. 

You'd know that I am hopelessly, head over heels, smitten kitten obsessed with my husband. Like, think about how much I love him and it'll make me cry kind of love. I've had my share of bad relationships, which just makes me appreciate him all that much more. Not only did he accept my two kids as his own, he's the best daddy I could have asked for for my kids. Plus, he's hot :) 

You'd know that being a mom was never a dream of mine. I was never the kid who played with dolls, planned my kids names, etc. But here I am, pregnant with number 4, and as much as I want to strangle them at times, I wouldn't trade them for the world. 

You'd know that I'm weird about feet. I can't stand feet, they gross me out! I can't even paint my kid's toes, so hubby does it. Ugh! So gross. And why do people post pics of their feet on facebook? Seriously, it makes me sick to think about it. 

So that's all I can think of. If you play along, leave me a link, I'd love to read it!

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Janice said... [Reply to comment]

That was fun! I totally get you about talking crap about your husband. And I totally love that about you. It's obvious that you and he adore each other. :)

Lesley said... [Reply to comment]

I totally agree about the Cherry Coke! I never even thought to put maraschino cherries in it!
And those are my favourite chips, too, closely followed by french onion Sunchips.
Ok...I'm obviously reading as I comment...My eyes are - 9 each! I had no idea that you were as blind as me. Makes for a lot of pain in the butt when ordering contacts since they never, ever have them in store.

And, I don't think your grudge stuff is something to fix. It's called self preservation, dude. If your instincts and momma bear nature is telling you to keep someone away, there's a reason for that. There's a big difference between letting someone go with love and letting them go in anger. The trick is being able to make peace with it and not think and feel guilty about it. ♥

keri @ shaken together said... [Reply to comment]

I love LOVE salt & vinegar chips ... my go to snack! I am also an early bird ... like 4am early! And our cats - Awesome & Bitty - are both rescue cats, so I am an animal lover, too. I even rescued a pot belly pig and a duck when I was growing up :)

Fun stuff!

Diane Higdon said... [Reply to comment]

Enjoyed learning about you. I think the little kitty was very lucky to come to your door. The grudge thing is a hard one to break. Totally understand. :)

Melissa Blake said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, what a great collection -- reminds me of that "25 Things..." column in US Weekly.

p.s. and yeahhhh! A jewelry girl after my own heart!

SkinnyMeg said... [Reply to comment]

You are the second person to tell me that feet are gross, ha ha! Apparently my pedi pic didn't go over well :) Sorry bout that! I stopped buying jewelry because I never wear mine either, probably because who wears jewelry while your taking care of a kid all day?

Manic Insomniac said... [Reply to comment]

I hate feet too, they really gross me out!

The black cat was so lucky to endup at your home, and you are so sweet for taking him in and putting up the flier for him to find his owner. Most people wouldn't do that.

MichaelaM said... [Reply to comment]

I think you should go ahead and get a Great Dane. They are wonderful with kids. I got my first one on my first birthday. Since Tony won't let me get one you should get one I can come visit. :)

LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick said... [Reply to comment]

That cracks me up about feet! One of my besties is the same way, so my husband likes to scoot his foot near hers when the opportunity arises, just to freak her out lol :)

So it is written... said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, good gravy! I'm so glad I found your blog. I am cracking up right now over things we share in common...I'm blind as well...20/400 & 20/600. Feet are ABSOLUTELY disgusting...ugh. I can hold a grudge like an old lady holding a winning bingo card. And for the record, salt & vinegar chips are the best. I'm not really sure why anyone would make any other kind. -shrug-