Saturday, September 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Alli!

So, we all know I was due on September 30th. At my Monday appt, my OB talked about having me come in on Friday the 28th so she can break my water. I got a phone call from their office on Wednesday, asking me to come in on Thursday to get checked to make sure we were still on board for Friday. 

I got to her office at 9am when she first opens, but she was out doing a c-section and I was told that I would be first in line when she got back in. So my mom and I went down to the food court to hang out and grab a bite to eat. We went back to the office to wait, and the dr called me back around 11pm. She checked me, and I was at 4cm, so she told me it was time to go to L&D. 

My only issue was that my mom cannot drive on the highway (she panics on the on and off ramps) and hubby was at work 40 minutes away. So I explained that to the dr, she said it was fine to check into L&D in an hour and to head out. I drove my mom's car back to Mesquite so she'd know how to get home, and Jake met me there. 

We got back to Dallas and into L&D right at noon. We got settled into our room and got the IV started around 1pm. My contractions were coming every 3-5 minutes, but only some of them were painful. The nurse recommended that I get the epidural before the dr broke my water, since it would make the contractions stronger and more painful. I got the epidural at 2:40, and holy. freaking. crap. It HURT. I may or may not have called the anesthesiologist a mother-effer a time or two amid all of my sobbing. I felt bad afterwards, but hubby said that he's sure he's been called worse. I was happy with the epidural, I was still able to move my legs and feel pressure, but it really took the pain away. Shortly after, the dr came and checked me, and since I was at 5cm, she broke my water. 

After that, it was just a waiting game. At 4pm, they checked me again, and I was at 9cm. By 4:30ish, I was at 10cm, so they paged the dr, got the bed all ready and got my legs into position. When the dr got there, I pushed once, and Alli was born. 

Her stats? Born at 4:50pm, 20 inches long, 7 lbs 10 oz. And obviously my VBAC was a success. Her name is Alli Stephen, middle name is after hubby's dad, who is hubby's favorite person (besides yours truly of course). 

We only stayed at the hospital for one night, since my OB and the pediatrician cleared us to go home after 24 hours instead of the normal 48. I'm just so blessed, she's perfect. It's surreal, having such a normal pregnancy/delivery after all the problems we went through with Ava. Ava's dealing with a little bit of jealousy right now, but we're just making sure that she get a lot of momma time too. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Still pregnant, but with an end in sight!

So, we've been on weekly appts with my OB for the past couple of weeks. Last week I had my appt on Thursday, I was 1 cm and 75% effaced. Which is progress, but not exactly the "Hey, you're so close!" news I had hoped for. I had my 39 week appt yesterday, and I'm 2 cm, and I don't know the percentage of effacement, but she said I was really thin and Alli was in the perfect position and really low. So yay! 

We did talk about our options, since Alli was measuring around 7 lbs at 36/37 weeks and we're trying for a VBAC. I've been having a few contractions, but nothing regular, and while they're not painful yet, they definitely get your attention. She said that if I'm still pregnant on Thursday morning, to call her office and we'll make a plan for me to come in on Friday to break my water and get things started. I know that a lot of people who are trying for a VBAC are told to let everything happen naturally without intervention, but I've read a lot of success stories about breaking your water and things being successful too. So at this point, we're just praying and hopeful. And if I end up having another c-section, then so be it. My OB has a high VBAC success rate and I trust her fully. And my older two girls have Friday and Monday off of school, so that works out perfectly. 

How far along? 39 weeks 2 days

How much weight gain/loss? 22 lbs gained

Maternity clothes? Nope, still wearing my normal clothes. Not my skinny jeans by any means, but my looser jean capris and longer shirts. 

Belly button in or out? Completely flat

Sleep? Doing better. Waking up once a night to use the restroom instead of 2-3 times. Can't sleep much past 5am though, which makes me take a nap with Ava during the day. Good thing she loves to sleep with mommy. 

Pregnancy symptoms? The usual ones you have at 39 weeks. Sciatic nerve pain, tired, nauseous at times. So ready to be done and meet her! 

What am I looking forward to? Meeting my daughter, of course. Being able to sleep on my belly again (I've never been a belly sleeper, but something about not being able to do it makes you really really want to). And I'm super duper excited about her newborn pics, I've made her a few things to wear, and the photographer we use is fabulous! 

Next appt? Friday, unless she comes sooner! And since we all love belly pics.....

So, be thinking of your favorite blogger this week! 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Barbie Giveaway WINNER (take 2)

Sadly, the winner the first time around did not respond to my email. Since it's been 4 days since I sent the email and posted it on FB, it's time to pick a new winner. And that lucky winner is....

And that makes the lucky winner none other than Mr Arthur C!

I'm off to send you an email! Let's hope this winner responds back within 3 days or I'll have to pick another winner! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Barbie's Princess & The Popstar giveaway WINNER!

Thank you to all of you who entered my giveaway! The lucky number is...

And that makes the lucky person....

Congrats! You've won BOTH the Tori and Keira doll from the new Barbie movie! I'm off to send you an email!!! You have 48 hours to respond back or I'll have to pick a new winner!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Barbie's Princess & The Popstar GIVEAWAY!!!

So, I had the freaking awesome opportunity to host a party this past weekend. My three daughters and eight of their girlfriends got to watch the new Barbie Princess & The Popstar movie. 

I sent out invites and each of the guests came dressed as either a princess or a popstar. My two youngest chose princess, my oldest chose popstar. Everyone got a tiara to wear. There was a ton of sequins, ruffles and zebra print :) 

I know you've seen the commercials that have been airing. It's the traditional prince and the pauper themed movie, but with a fun new twist. Tori is a princess who dreams of being a popstar like her favorite star, Kiera. Kiera is a famous popstar who is tired of performing and dreams of being a princess. The two meet and trade places, and realize that not all is as it seems. There is fun music and great animation, and definitely a treat for all ages. 

The girls all enjoyed the movie, and so did the moms! Afterwards, we all colored some Barbies pages, danced, and enjoyed pink and purple jello and cupcakes. It was a blast sharing this time with the girls, and even the moms got to play princess for a while. Who doesn't secretly want to be a princess?

With any new movie, you know there are awesome new toys, right? Barbie has really outdone themselves with these Barbies. They each transform from princess to popstar, and even their hair changes with a simple twist. Plus, with a simple touch of their necklace, they sing two songs from the movie! My two oldest girls love these dolls. Even my nine year old who at times thinks she's "too old" for toys hasn't let this doll leave her side. 

Along with the dolls, we were all able to check out the new princess castle. It was super easy to set up, and my youngest loves it. It plays music from the movie, and every step lights up and plays a note. Plus it comes with a small Tori and Kiera from the movie. 

Along with checking out the new Barbies and castle, each guest received a fairy doll from the movie to take home. Each guest got to pick either pink or purple, and they had a blast "flying" them around the room and singing to them. 

Adorable, right? Are you completely and utterly jealous yet? Guess what I have for you today? One lucky blog follower is going to win a Kiera AND a Tori Barbie doll! Trust me, you'll be the coolest mom ever when you give these to the special little girl in your life. 

Wanna win? Do ya?

Required entry (make sure you're a follower of my blog, mmmkay?)
*Answer this question in a comment: Would you rather be a princess or a popstar? Why? 

Optional entries
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This giveaway will end next Tuesday Sept 17th at midnight! 

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