Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Highs and Lows 3/6/2012

Life, Crafts and Whatever

  • I forgot to give Arielle her ADD meds on Saturday, and holy crap, she lost her damn mind. Tried to cheat at a game she was playing with Jasmin, then when Jasmin told her that she was going to go tell, Arielle punched her in the stomach. So we brought her inside, punished her, and then told her that she could go back outside. Not 15 minutes later, I see Arielle playing in the construction area across the street that we already told her that she was under no circumstances allowed to play in. What the crap. So I made sure she had her meds on Sunday, and VOILA! Back to being my sweet girl. Who knew a tiny pill would make such a difference? 
  • For some reason, my 6 year old has reverted back into being a baby. I don't get it. She's always been my easy child. But for the past couple of weeks, "Mom" and "Dad" are now "momma" and "dada", she whines and cries constantly, acts helpless when it comes to things she's always been able to do on her own, constantly sucks on her fingers. I don't get it, but it's driving me insane. 
  • No spoilers, but The Walking Dead made me bawl on Sunday. And wish that one of the characters gets eaten by a walker. That's all I'm going to say about that.  
  • I guess technically this would fall under this week, but since I'm late with posting, I'll just throw this on one here. I've had a ton of pillow orders this week, which is awesome. And I thought I was finished with all of them. But when I was packing up one of them and writing the card, I looked up the coordinates again (the lady wanted me to write "Love obviously lives at (insert coordinates)). And guess what. The coordinates I looked up did not match the pillow I made. I guess I accidentally typed a 1 instead of a 2. So that's just frustrating. So I get to remake that pillow. EDIT: Just rechecked the info so I can redo it, and it says I had the info right in the first place. So I get to redo it anyway. WTH.
  • My sister in law decided on her bridesmaid/MOH dress. I've been pinning a few things on Pinterest for her. I figure the more people you have looking, the more options you have, right. And she ended up liking one that I pinned, which of course means I LOVE it. And it cost me a whopping $35, which I love even more. I'll just have given birth a month prior, so thankfully it's not a super skin tight dress. I've always gone back to my pre-pregnancy weight (minus like the last 5 lbs) a few weeks after birth, but you know how it is, and things just aren't in the places that they were before. So you better believe I'm going to pack myself into some Spanx too. Imagine my head on this dress. Pretty, huh?

  • My etsy shop is getting some orders again, which is awesome. A couple of ladies said they found it from Pinterest. So the extra money has been nice, and it keeps me from laying on the couch all day. 
  • Spent some good time with my mom. She came over one day and cleaned the house. Then we went out to lunch on another day. Love her. Right now she is outside pulling my weeds. I hate gardening, and for some reason I did not inherit her love of gardening. I have a brown thumb, every thing I try and grow just dies a slow death. 
  • Signed Arielle up for softball. I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to. Last year she played for the church (which is a ton cheaper). But they didn't have enough girls sign up in her age group to make two teams. So I ended up signing her up for the city team. It's a bit pricier, but she's really happy. 
  • Had a great time on Sunday with the family. I put on some great oldies like "Run Around Sue" and we had a little dance party in the living room. Even sweet Ava was trying to stomp her feet and dance. 
  • Lover had always been awesome with helping with chores and stuff, but since I've gotten pregnant, he's gone above and beyond with helping, and it's so appreciated. 
  • The nausea is getting so much better. I still need Zofran every now and then, but not nearly as often as I was. 
I think that's it. I can't remember. Darn pregnancy brain. 

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Janice said... [Reply to comment]

So many highs! That's great! And as for Jasmin reverting, maybe it's because you're pregnant? Dalton totally started sucking his fingers and wanting to be picked up ALL the time when I got pregnant with Belle. I think he was just nervous about some change that he didn't quite understand! I hope it passes soon, though!

I won't be linking up this week. I'm crazy busy and we're going on vacation next week. No way am I going to be ready...