Monday, October 10, 2011

Highs and lows 10-10

So here we are again. Time for Highs and Lows. Pretty simple. Share the highs and lows of your week.

Life, Crafts and Whatever

  • I had to retire one of my favorite piercings, my snug (it's an ear piercing). I've had it for a couple of years, but I have a hard time with cartiledge piercings (you'd think I wouldn't have issues, I was a body piercer for a while). But it got bumped during a haircut a while back, and never wanted to heal after that. So it would hurt, or get bumped, or I couldn't sleep on that side. Just wasn't worth it. Bummed, but it's been nice not having to spaz out if someone got near my ear.
  • My oldest daughter has lost her damn mind lately. Back talking, pouting, whining, sore loser, not listening. It's constant, and nothing we're doing is helping. Positive reinforcement, grounding, yelling, a pop on the butt, trying to talk to her like a big girl. Ugh. She was crying when she didn't win at the sack races at Jasmin's birthday party, she was crying because "Jasmin got all the toys that I wanted". "Go get Mommy your hairbrush and a pony tail holder" means "Go play in your room." I'm pretty sure I'm speaking English, and I don't have any weird accent or voice inflections that I'm aware of, but we're just not communicating lately. Lord, grant me patience before I have to kill her. 


Jasmin's party on Saturday was a success. The theme was "monster bash". She had 10 friends show up. My mom and I made monster plushies, and I bought some fabric paint and let the kids decorate them (drying time said 4 hours, but we did it right at 2pm, and I set them in front of a fan to dry. All but two of them were dry by 4pm when the kids left, but those girls had put the paint on really thick). We then walked down to the fields by our house, and did sack races, three legged races, and a pinata. Afterwards, we came back to the house and did cupcakes and punch. Then Jasmin opened her presents, and we put on the NOW 20 CD she just got, and we had a dance party for a few songs. I was really happy with how the party turned out. I plan on doing a post about the party soon enough, I got away with doing the party really inexpensively. The party favors (the hair clips in the pic above) were made by me, and all the girls got a kick out of them. 
  • I've had some GREAT sales lately. One on Etsy, the rest by other people off of Etsy. The sales off of etsy, I took as a huge compliment, since they were both repeat customers. Means I'm doing something right. It's just nice to be able to contribute a bit to the household finances. Hubby always tells me that the money I make it to be spent on myself, but I'd rather do something with the family then get a new pair of shoes. Most of the time. 
  • UFC 128 was on Saturday night. We had a couple of friends over, and then a bunch of guys showed up and we all watched it. Good company. 
  • Did a double date with another couple during the girls Awana on Sunday night. We've known them for a while, but it's the first time we really hung out together. I had a great time. 
  • In our community, you are only allowed to have garage sales twice a year, per HOA rules. This past weekend was one of the weekends. Arielle came inside and asked if she could spent some of her money at a garage sale down the street, and I said it was fine. She came back, and gave me a recipe book that she bought for me with her own money. Little glimpses of sweetness like that keep me from killing her, most days. 
  • I posted a pic of some salmon that I made on FB, and I've had a ton of people message me, asking for the recipe. Be looking for the recipe sometime this week. 
  • Remember on this post, where I said that my low was modeling for a make up school, and the instructor was really unprofessional?  I finally got the pics back, and I love them. Great to add to my portfolio, and I finally have pics with my new short hair. I normally don't show pics on my blog, but the last time I said that, I had a couple of readers email me, saying that I should. So voila.

  • Had a great day with my mom. Fabric store, thrift stores, Applebees. I was feeling frumpy that day, just one of those days, ya know? I had a lady come up to me at the fabric store, and told me that she loved my hair, and I have the type of beautiful face required to pull it off. Totally made my day. 
  • Yesterday, I've been with my husband for 5 years. It's crazy how much things have changed, but oh my goodness, I would walk through fire for that man. 
So that was my week, folks. 


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Donna @ Loopy Loop Creations said... [Reply to comment]

Jen, those photos are stunning!!!!! And yes, you should sharing! I'd be making up copies for christmas gifts, lol!!!!

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said... [Reply to comment]

those pics are AWESOME!!!!!!!!! you look great :)

SkinnyMeg said... [Reply to comment]

Oh man, madison is sassy too! Good to know I'll be dealing with it for a while :) I love the little plush monsters!!! What a fab idea! Looks like the party was a big hit, all that party planning would wear me out! Love the new pics, your hair is super rockin' and your makeup too!

Janice said... [Reply to comment]

the photos are great, and you week rocked! Except the whiny-ness of you daughter. That totally sucks. It is SO hard to deal with a crabby, kid. I hope you find patience, some miraculous parenting technique to fix it and that she gets out of this phase soon!

-Lidy said... [Reply to comment]

Love the pics! You should definitely keep sharing. :)

Monster Bash was a great idea for a party. Everything came out great. Adore the hair clips and the multi-colored frosting on the cupcakes.

Sorry about your daughter...I guess it's all the hormones floating about in her little body.

Lovely Light said... [Reply to comment]

Your party looks great! Great theme without being too "spooky"!