Saturday, November 3, 2012

20 Dogs

So, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to review a DVD called 20 Dogs. Knowing how much my three older girls love dogs, music, and the TV, I said yes. 

They sent me a DVD, a music CD, and a shirt for each of my older girls (can I just say that I love that they sent a shirt for each girl, instead of just one shirt that they'd fight over?) 

Ava was so excited about the movie that I couldn't even get her to look at the camera. 

The DVD was really cute. It showed all different kinds of breeds of dogs, and the girls loved identifying the ones that they knew. The DVD wasn't just all cutesy songs either. It was also educational. It would tell you about the breed, things like their characteristics and where they came from. My 9 year old was excited to tell me that chihuahuas come from Mexico. 

I think it's going to be great for my two year old. The DVD would sing a song about "small", and then show a bunch of small dogs to show what small means. 

The CD is my 7 year old's favorite. The songs are catchy, but thankfully not annoying like some kids songs can be. Jasmin has had the CD on constant repeat since we received it. Twenty Dogs even has their song lyrics on their website, which my 9 year old really liked. She loves to sing along to things, but doesn't always have the patience to learn all of the words. So the lyrics being written out was great for her. 

The shirts are a great quality, and have held up well in the washing machine. It's a thicker material with a clear, crisp picture on the front. For size reference, my two year old is wearing an xs, my 7 year old is wearing a small, and my 9 year old is wearing a medium. Here is a better pic of the shirts, even though Ava looks like a goober. Lately she just refuses to be cute in pictures and usually does a one eye squinty pirate looking face. Darn two year olds. 

Overall, it's fun and educational (which the kids love) but, like some kids stuff, it's not annoying (which Mommy loves). 

Thanks Twenty Dogs for the chance to review this! My kids have truly enjoyed it. 

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Lesley said... [Reply to comment]

Awww, that's so awesome! It's nice when you can find something that all the kids like. And how generous of them to send so many tshirts! :o)

DomesticRocketSurgeon said... [Reply to comment]

That is adorable, and so neat they sent you shirts for all of them as opposed to the one "battle shirt." I've never heard of the movie, will have to check it out!

That said, I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award! I have been following you here for a while and love to read about your family! The details are on my blog today, while this award promotes readership it can be a bit like chain mail, so it’s cool if you don’t want to “accept” it. :) Just ignore and move on. I had to pick someone and you were certainly one of them!