Friday, October 26, 2012

Easy (and CHEAP!) Teacher's Gifts for Halloween

I know, I know. A total shock that I'm actually crafting and blogging again, right? Alli was 4 weeks old yesterday, Ava is going through the terrible two's, and yet, I had a few moments of peace to myself to craft. 

It. Was. Awesome. 

I love both of my daughter's teachers. Arielle is in 4th grade, and while her teacher is new to the school, I really like her. Jasmin's teacher, I ADORE. She's the same teacher that Arielle had for 1st grade, and she is just amazing. 

I want to get better about showing my appreciation for them. I'm good about sending in a Christmas gift for them, but I want to get better about doing them for them during the year. Plus, hubby's sister is a teacher (her first year! How exciting!) and I've heard some of the stuff she has to deal with, kids and parents wise. 

Teachers are severely under appreciated. 

I was browsing on Pinterest, and saw a bunch of ideas for teacher's gifts. I know we've all seen the different ways to decorate hand sanitizer bottles, right? This one caught my eye though, I really liked the "Germs are Scary" idea. 

So my first step was hitting up Walmart, where I bought two bottles of hand sanitizer for $1.97 a piece. I've read that you can buy these at the Dollar Store, but I'm lazy and was already at Walmart. They had a blue version and a green version. 

Next step was to dust off my Silhouette and cut out some vinyl. The font I used was Morgus. I wanted something scary, but kid friendly. The final size I cut was about 3.5 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide. 

Then I had to use some elbow grease, Goo Gone and dish soap to get off the labels. It took a while and a lot of rinsing it off, but I wanted to make sure that the Goo Gone was off of the bottles. I didn't figure that sticking vinyl on something that had adhesive remover residue still on it was going to work. 

No picture of the vinyl on the bottle, but even so, I thought it looked a bit too plain. So I dug up an old tutorial that I bought, made a loopy bow, and put it on there. I dig it. 

And the final result? Not too shabby for $2 and a little bit of time (the vinyl and ribbon I had already). 

I hope they like it! 

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Wicked cute!

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I also agree with your unique idea.. Great work!!
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