Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Highs and Lows 3/13/2012

Life, Crafts and Whatever

  • I guess the worst one would be the stupid garage door. It hasn't been working right for a few weeks. It goes up without a problem, but it doesn't go down unless you press and hold the button (and sometimes not even then). One of our friends said that it might need grease, so we bought some $7 kit from Lowes. Nope, didn't work. I couldn't get it to go down one day, so I had to manually lower it and locked it. Well, hubby didn't know that I locked it (like he always tells me to) and since it was locked, the metal hinge snapped off the door and bent the metal. What the crap? Luckily my dad is supposed to come fix it today. 
  • Apparently it's "tell me I'm an asshole" week. Nuff said. 
  • Found out within 24 hours that my oldest needs glasses ($233 for the glasses) and has 4 cavities ($123). Didn't know I was going to be spending that. Ouch. 
  • I hit over 1000 followers. Oh. Em. Gee. 
  • All three girls spent the night at my parent's on Friday night. So Lover and I had the whole evening to ourselves. Went out to eat, wandered around Best Buy. It was a great night. I love my girls but sometimes it's just so refreshing to have a break. 
  • Took the girls to a birthday party at ASI gymnastics on Sunday night. Of course the two older girls had fun, but it was so cool to see Ava crawling around and over things. Especially since when we had her evaluation with ECI a month or so ago, they said that she had the gross motor skills of a 10 month old (she's 19 months old now).

  • I'm finally starting to feel better. Less nausea, not going to bed at 6pm. But of course, instead of being super excited about it, there is always a part of me who is like "Oh my gosh, what if my pregnancy symptoms aren't going away because I'm 11 weeks but because something bad happened?" I have a bad habit of getting inside my own head. 
  • I was able to find one of the hamsters a new home with my friend, who wanted it for her kid. We decided to keep one since Jasmin loves having one. But I couldn't handle cleaning two cages anymore since Arielle didn't even play with hers, and with my super sonic sub human sense of smell, I couldn't handle the smell of cages. I think I'm just a reptile girl, not a small animal girl.
I think that's it. It was a low key week.  

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Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Hang in there... I'm sure you're not really an asshole! :D I have a 6 year old with two crowns in her mouth, tell me about dental payment pain, I get it!!!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Have a good week, I'm sure you aren't an asshole! Glad your feeling better!

Ness said... [Reply to comment]

I like that hidden camera you have in my house so that you can track the crappy week I'm having and then you can make your highs and lows the same... KIDDING :-)

Glad the sicky feeling is abating. Do they not have any of those optical places where you can get glasses for like under $75 a pair? Unless you have vision insurance and they require you to go to a particular person.

You are NOT an asshole. You act nothing like I have been acting this week; actually I call my actions self defense against witchy daughters (25 and 34)

Trans went out of the truck to the tune of $2000....went to pick it up and found out that the factory installed/came with truck metal truck bed cover had been stolen! The insurance gave us the diff of our deductible and the price to replace so we're putting it back into the savings we just depleted with the transmission. The truck looks fine without the truck bed cover.

Daugher #2 wants to get married June 30. Fiance is in the Army. These two together don't have 1 cell of common sense.

Ladies, don't let your daughters grow up past 9. Just sayin.... Have a great week!

Sara Ferrell said... [Reply to comment]

I went to the dentist a couple months ago, and when I found out the total would be under $2500, I was ECSTATIC. Root canal, crown, and like 4 or 5 fillings. $123 for 4 fillings is CHEAP.

I'm with Ness though. I bet you can get cheaper glasses. It's the lenses that cost, but you should be able to find a pair of frames for $8-20 from Walmart! No matter your insurance, you can take any frames to a glasses place and have them fill them with lenses.

Life, Crafts and Whatever said... [Reply to comment]

I know, $123 for fillings doesn't sound too bad. You're talking to the girl who is still paying off over $6000 in dental work from 2 years ago. 4 crowns, redo all of my fillings, redo a badly done root canal, bone graft in my jaw (the bad root canal caused an infection that ate away at my jaw bone for years). And while an unexpected $123 doesn't sound too bad, it's a lot of money to a family of 5 with one on the way, where our single income is jack squat (hubby works at a church so he doesn't make what he should for his job).

I could have shopped around for glasses, I agree. The cheapest frames at Walmart were still $60 and up for the style that Arielle wanted. And while she is only 8, if she has to wear glasses, I want her to feel confident and pretty. The frames she picked were $175, but Tricare (my ex is military) covers half of the glasses and all of the exam if we go to a Tricare approved location (Walmart doesn't take Tricare). It was the lenses that were so much. Anti glare, some unbreakable composite glass thing. All added up to $233. But my ex has to pay half, so in the end they will cost me $116. Walmart would have been more than that, since we'd pay 100% there.

Julie said... [Reply to comment]

Yo.... you are the one that did the Zenni Optical post... my mom got her glasses in and they were awesome for $35 which included shipping... Next time try it... would cost a lot less! I thought they were great! I can't wait to see you... only... 17 days... eek.... still LOTS to do!