Friday, March 2, 2012

InstaFriday. It's that time again

Yeah, it's time for InstaFriday again.

life rearranged

My dog Titan is a rockstar. See his mohawk? 

mohawk = rockstar status

Here is finally a pic of me where I don't look like death (I think). I'm growing out my hair, hence the non-mohawk I'm rocking.

This is my middle daughter Jasmin. I was ready to kill her this morning. She asked for scrambled eggs with ketchup, I make them, and then she didn't want to eat them. 


My oldest Arielle. Those ADD meds have really been a great thing for her. Our relationship made a complete 180 and she's such a pleasure to be around now.

My sweet friend Candace dropped off a little package for me this week. I've been CRAVING Oreos, but my mom gave my hidden stash of Oreos to the girls. So Candace was sweet enough to drop some off, along with some other favorites.

Oh yeah, the package was addressed to "The Hot and Sexy Pregnant Lady of the House." Yeah, that's me.

My husband is a rock star. The house has looked like a tornado went thru it for the past few days weeks. He spent two hours one night after I went to bed at 7pm, cleaning it from top to bottom. It was such a nice surprise to wake up to. Love him! He's truly gone above and beyond with helping me during this pregnancy.

My sweet Ava sleeping. I hated to wake her up, she looked so sweet.

Went to lunch with my mom, we ate at the snack corner at the Korean store. Their bulgogi isn't as good as my moms, but it was pretty good. I'm in LOVE with their salad dressing, but the owner makes it himself and won't give me the recipe.

Ended up getting to church a bit early for Awana, so we let the girls play on the playground.

This is how Ava usually rides in her car seat. Look at her lounging. Lazy girl.

Besides bath time, this is Ava's FAVORITE time of the day. When Lover gets home from work, he brings in his gym bag and she gets all excited to crawl over there and pull every thing out.

This is how you'll find me these days, laying on the couch. Luckily Ava loves to snuggle with her momma.

Holy cow, apparently I take a lot of pics during the week. Enjoy.

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Michelle said... [Reply to comment]

Your family is so cute!

SkinnyMeg said... [Reply to comment]

Such sweet pics!! Ava is such a doll, I want to smush her cute face!!

Janice said... [Reply to comment]

Yay for the meds working! That is so great. I bet you feel good for her too that she must be feeling so much better!

And I HATE it when my kids don't eat what they asked for. Drives me crazy!

Lesley said... [Reply to comment]

You know, it was only about a week ago that I suddenly realized that I got almost the same haircut as you. I really hadn't considered it till then.
I got mine cut super short just a bit longer than a pixie cut. And I'm also growing it out. I'm finally down to all my own hair. No dyes left. So now I begin the 6 year process of growing it out.
Anywhoo...I tell you this because when I got it cut and she was chopping off all the hair that fell to one side I was like, " Holy poodles. I seriously copied Jen's cut and didn't even mean it. "
And yeah...that's my comment.

Ness said... [Reply to comment]

You had me at dog and Mohawk---how adorable!

You DO have a rock star husband...I have his twin with a great age difference...mine will soon be 76.

Your family is precious and I put Kiereney on ADHD meds when the kindergarden teacher said, "You'd think my classroom was home...she comes in my room, throws her coat and bookbag on the first desk she sees and starts socializing." We got her tested. She took herself off of then at age 16 because she didn't want to be "drugged" when she drove (she wasn't) and has restarted them at age 25. Oh the stories I could tell about this child....

Take care and rest. Love this blog.