Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Makeovers, revamps, and prettification

So, I've made some changes in the past couple of days. I absolutely fell in love with the red and turquoise damask tray that I made, so I asked hubby to do a blog redesign based on it. I heart it, do you heart it? For comparison, here is a screen shot of my old blog design.

He's been busy with freelance, but hopefully soon we'll be able to figure out why there are light blue gradients up by my banner. See them? Ugh, I don't know why they're there. Lamesauce.

My second new update? Finished my arm tattoo yesterday.

There were some smiles....

Some easier parts where I caught up on Words with Friends on my phone.

And a couple of parts of major suckage.

But I think it was worth it. I'm loving it. We did the flowers in pink, turquoise, and red, my favorite colors. You likey? Me likey.

Next appt is on Sunday (I'm a glutton for punishment this week apparently). Hubby will be getting the outline for his 3/4 sleeve, and hopefully there will be time to finish my peacock on my back. My appt is at 1, and his is at 4, but I'm letting him take my time slot. I'd rather have to reschedule my peacock coloring in, than have his outline be unfinished. He's excited. I'm excited for him.


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Debbie B Sam said... [Reply to comment]

Rocking! Love the arm :)

Kris @ everywhereorange.com said... [Reply to comment]

love the redesign. the colors look great!! i am loving red and turquoise :)

Sam | Away She Went said... [Reply to comment]

I love the new design! I might have to try red and turquoise in some of my crafts! And your tattoo looks awesome!

Jen @ Domesticated Nomad said... [Reply to comment]

I like it! Both the redesign and the tattoo. :)

Dragonfliez Made said... [Reply to comment]

Very cool! I soo need to finish my dragonfly.

jandjhome said... [Reply to comment]

I love the redesign. Lucky girl to have a man that can do that for you.

Rhiannon said... [Reply to comment]

oooh i likey very much!! man am i itchy for some ink!

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said... [Reply to comment]

liking the new look! so cool that your hubby can do it for you!!

Catherine @ Cat on a Limb said... [Reply to comment]

I am truly a sucker for damask, and the colors are great! Your hubby did an awesome job.

Lesley said... [Reply to comment]

Groovy makeover. Very shagadelic.
I'm a bit addicted to makeovers.

Megan @ Cut the Craft! said... [Reply to comment]

LOVE the tat...wish I had the cajones to get a sleeve!


SkinnyMeg said... [Reply to comment]

I love everything about it!! You're lucky to have a talented hubs!

CentsLessDeals said... [Reply to comment]

I love it!

I'm a new fan from the blog hop and new follower via GFC. I would love it if you would follow me back!




Samantha Oh said... [Reply to comment]

I am a new follower and I totally dig your piece. I am smitten with the el dia de la muerta theme

I'm having a blog giveaway as well,you should enter! :)