Sunday, June 26, 2011

Highs and Lows... I've lost count

So here we are again. Time for Highs and Lows. Pretty simple. Share the highs and lows of your week. This link party hasn't been a hit like I hoped, but what can you do? It gives me a chance to count my blessings and remember my week.

Life, Crafts and Whatever


  • Hit up Old Navy on Friday for their $2 tank pre-sale. Went right when it opened and was able to score 6 tanks for myself, and two each for Arielle and Jasmin. Spend Saturday blinging them out, super cute if I can brag. Tutorial to come. Spent some time laughing at the Old Navy FB page, reading about all the people who are super pissed that their store didn't have their color/size in stock. I understand being upset, but throwing a fit on FB isn't going to magically make your size be in stock. Come on, buy a tank at the sale price, and then exchange it in a week for the correct size/color. Easy peasy. Not worth crying about. 
  • had to return a dress that I bought for Ava, since our family pics were rescheduled and she's outgrown it. Found one online that I LOVED, was upset that I couldn't find it at Old Navy. Asked an employee, she said it was on clearance and they might not carry it anymore. We went over to the clearance rack, and they had ONE. In Ava's size. Woot! 
    • Hubby got some freelance projects completed. He's been really busy with a website redesign, a book cover and logo, and DVD covers. And all 3 were approved.  Final approval = invoice sent. 
    • Hung out with my mom on Wednesday, always have fun with her. Was able to hit up Walmart to buy the colors for the giveaway winner's tray. Didn't forget about ya, LP!

    • Bloggy BFF Lesley sent me a necklace. The number 3 (for 3 kids) and my girls initials on it. It's pimptastic. Seriously.

    • My 5 year old finally wanted the training wheels off of her bike. Watched hubby chase her up and down the street for an hour, having to run half bent over to have a hand on her (she's tiny). Fell in love with him all over again.

    • Had some one on one time with my oldest. Frozen yogurt + shopping = priceless. With 3 kids, we try and make sure we get some one on one time in.

    • Got the centers of the centerpieces for Ava's birthday finished up. We're doing a circus theme. I'm excited, and spending way too much time on Pinterest, looking up ideas. It's not going to be as elaborate as my friend Julie's Dr Seuss party, but I'm excited about it. Julie is doing a circus theme for her daughter's 6th birthday, and it totally wouldn't surprise me if she had a real elephant there. She's crazy like that. :)


    • You don't get to pick your in-laws. Nuff said. No worries to my father in law, Steve. You rock. I know I'm still your only favorite daughter in law.
    • We were supposed to have a girls night on Friday, but it fell thru. People were tired, busy, out of town, etc. I was just in a funk so I didn't go, but looking forward to the next one.  
    • My husband said I wasn't allowed to use more than 5 "f-bombs" in this next low. Was cutting paper all day on my Silhouette with no problems. Ran out of regular computer paper, grabbed a sheet of some other white paper. Which proceeded to come apart in layers, leaving layers of paper on the carrier sheet that were too thin to pull off. So I might have to buy a new carrier sheet, I dunno. Was super pissed. HP Premium Paper, my ass.
    • Bought the girls a slip n slide at Walmart. Set it up, they were super excited. And then it bust a huge seam before they even got to try it once. So for the next 45 minutes, I sat outside with the water hose, spraying them and the slip n slide so they could play (torture for this girl who can't stand the heat). My forearm and thumb were cramping up (you know how you put your thumb on the water so it sprays out, am I making sense?). Turned into a high though. Had called hubby to ask when he was coming home and told him that they were upset that it was broken, and he came home with a new one. So they were finally able to play with it. Another low though, they slid better when I was spraying it with the hose. Like the slip n slide didn't put enough water on the slide, I dunno.

    So there it is, folks.


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    Samantha {Moody Mama} said... [Reply to comment]

    So I love all of you highs I can't pick just one but finding the item you want in the size your looking for on clearance is always a high. I totally understand the inlaws low exactly as you talk about it. ;)

    Janice said... [Reply to comment]

    So wish I lived less than 100 miles from an Old Navy(sigh). good group of highs! It's so nice to get one on one time with our kids, huh?

    Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said... [Reply to comment]

    and those darn carrier sheets are so freaking expensive too!!!!! lame

    Lesley said... [Reply to comment]

    Some weeks are such a mix that you can't remember what you had more of...highs or lows. And if you had more lows then you just worry about sounding like a big complaining jerk.
    But, you're no jerk. You're very awesome and I love you! Even if you have a crampy thumb.
    I'll link up tomorrow!

    Rachel said... [Reply to comment]

    ha ha, I love all those whiny people on FB! Here's something to whine about: I don't even have an Old Navy OR a Target in my town. We have to drive like an hour. Life is hard!

    SkinnyMeg said... [Reply to comment]

    I love that necklace, too cute! Can't wait to see your family pics, they are always so fabulous!

    Lovely Light said... [Reply to comment]

    I wish I lived in a country with Old Navy! I can't wait to see your masterpiece tanks! I've never played on a slip n slide, so I can't be much help there. Never had grass and the rocks would have probably made holes in 2 minutes. I hope you have a great week!

    Kristen said... [Reply to comment]

    Totally did the same thing with my carrier sheet! Although I was trying to use book paper which I probably knew was too thin but still wanted to try it.

    There are some forums online with tricks to clean your carrier sheets. A few suggestions include just wiping it with a washcloth with warm water or using a repositionable adhesive spray to keep the paper intact. I haven't tried either and have just be stubbornly using my other carrier sheet for everything. I'll let you know if I do an it works!

    Julie said... [Reply to comment]

    You are so funny, I busted up about the elephant!!! How much do you think that would cost? j/k that would be overkill. Well, yeah no... I don't think Jake would let me.

    I can't wait to do my post this week. Doing it tomorrow since I finally got out the iDad Father's day post.

    Next time tell me about this $2.00 tank sale please!!! I LOVE your blinged tanks and so can't wait for you to teach me how to do it! Even if I have to get a Silhouette thingy midober those tanks are worth the money to get the thing right?!? I mean so what that I already have a cricut. I haven't ever seen blinged out shirts come from that. You get where I am going here right. Can't wait for tutorial going into over shock think it is adorable!

    Love that Jake ran up and down the street with Jasmin. Super stinkin cute!

    Anyways, hope you are having a great week and as soon as I get a moment with my Jake to ask him which day works better we will get together. I am thinking early on Saturday though. Maybe 11ish with two people it should go faster, do burgers and bake? Do you have countertop space for decorating? My only worries is that they won't dry for you to take them home if you come over since you can't layer them until the next day. Let me know, because I could always meet you the next day to get them to you.