Friday, January 7, 2011

The Cheese Dome to Cloche Bandwagon

So, I did it. I jumped on the bandwagon of bloggers who have stalked the racks at Goodwill, eyes peeled for a cheese dome and a candlestick. Then did a happy dance because you knew that after some paint and glue, you could turn it into something fabulous.

I originally found this idea at House of Hepworths a while ago, and had it on my "Things to keep an eye out for" list. I don't have a picture of my original find, but it had an ugly, fruit printed ceramic plate in the center. But for $1, I couldn't complain. A little pressure with a simple screwdriver, and it popped it right off. I used my favorite E6000 glue, and put the cheese dome on top of a candle stick that I found and glued those together. I wish I had a picture to show these steps, but I'm sure you can imagine.

My candlestick glued to the cheese dome plate I painted black. See that $8 sticker on the candlestick? I paid $1 at GW. YAY!

I found another dome at a different thrift store, but for some reason, it didn't fit the plate cutout/crevice/circle thingy it came with? I'm thinking they didn't go together originally, but for $2 I couldn't pass it up. But, as luck would have it,  I came across this pedestal hurricane candle holder at my favorite thrift store. I found one just like it online for $35. It still has the Crate And Barrel sticker on the bottom, and guess how much I paid for it?

Yup, it says $2 on it.

And I guess it was meant to be, because my other dome fit on top of it perfectly.

Then, looking at it, I didn't like how similar the heights of these two were, so I bought a small round disc from Hobby Lobby for $1, spray painted and glued it under the dome on the left, which raised it up and I like it so much better. I don't plan on displaying them together, I like groupings in odd numbers, but you never know.

Ahhhhh. Much better.

In the dome on the left, I just have a simple cream colored candle, surrounded by some fake branchy stuff (picked up a huge bundle of it at a thrift store for 75 cents). I really want to do a bird on the fatter dome like Decorchick put in hers, but I'm not having any luck finding a bird that will fit in there. So for now, it sits empty. I have a feeling that if I keep my eyes peeled, I'll find one. I keep seeing little birds that people are picking up at the Dollar Tree and making them super cute, so maybe I'll have to check there.

*If you find a dome without the wood plate (I found a TON of lone domes), or if it comes on a tray (instead of on a plate) it still might be worth picking up. You might find a pedestal like I did that it will fit on. Or maybe you could use a ceramic plate? Use your imagination
*If you are going to be putting a wood disc under the candlestick, either to beef it up, or raise it higher, you'll want to sand it first before painting. I didn't, and after I thought I was finished, I had a bunch of little wood thingies hanging off the bottom. So I had to sand and respray. Lesson learned.
*Again, if you're going the wood disc route, unfinished wood soaks up spray paint like a sponge. So it might be worth using a primer, or be prepared to do a lot of layers with the spray paint
*And lastly, with the wood disc, you might want to set it on the floor when you're at the craft store to make sure it's level. Or, you could end up with a really warped one like I did, and have to send hubsters back to the store to exchange it for you.

Have you jumped on the bandwagon? How'd it turn out?

Happy Crafting!

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Stephenie from Decorating Addiction said... [Reply to comment]

Welcome to the club! I made one a while back too and LOVE it! Yours look great!

sippycuptrails said... [Reply to comment]

Cute idea! I might have to try this one!!!

SkinnyMeg said... [Reply to comment]

They turned out great and SUPER CHEAP! heck yeah! I love that they are different heights.

Nicole@thiscreativeadventure said... [Reply to comment]

Cute idea, I have been on the look out for one of the tall and slim ones but no luck yet. Thanks for your kind comments on my chair. Being new to blogging positive reinforcement is great!

Allison @ House of Hepworths said... [Reply to comment]

I. LOVE. Them!!! Wow, great work, and excellent tips at the end. Thanks so much for linking back to me! :)

~Allison @ House of Hepworths

Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

I haven't jumped on that Cloche band wagon yet....but I know I need to!! Great tips, thanks!!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said... [Reply to comment]

Your blog is gorgeous and your tattoo is AMAZING girl! =) I'm following you back! Hooray for new bloggy buddies!

I cant wait to read all your posts! <3

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Pam said... [Reply to comment]

Fantastic...I have one of the domes you are talking about, a Thrift Store buy a couple of weeks ago and it is sitting here waiting! Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog.

Catherine @ Cat on a Limb said... [Reply to comment]

I've been so tempted to jump on that bandwagon, and the apothecary one, too! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you, too. I can tell after reading only two posts I'm going to love reading everything you post!

Donna @ said... [Reply to comment]

Jennifer, I love your blog! thank you for stopping by mine and leaving a comment! :)

let's keep in touch!

Erin W said... [Reply to comment]

LOVE! I go "thrifting" at least two days a week. I'll be on the look out for a few new things. Thanks for the ideas! Those are great!!!!!!

Honey at 2805 said... [Reply to comment]

I saw your comment that you are a new blogger so decided to come over and welcome you by becoming a new friend and follower. Like your cloche and your lovely new home. I'm really new to blogging to (just since November 1) and am also in the Dallas area. Please do stop by. Making new blog friends is simply the best!

ArtfullyJune said... [Reply to comment]

Great finds and a wonderful makeover.