Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baby and dog updates

So, thank you to those who commented on my new adoption of Lily. She is settling in well, just wants to be loved on or petted. Constantly. The minute I stop petting her, she'll nudge my hand or try and crawl under it. Silly dog. Ding dong is still figuring out the whole house breaking thing, but as long as I put her outside every hour or so, she's been successful.

I took her to our wonderful vet on Monday for an exam. The rescue said she was 4 years old, but Dr Albers said she's closer to 6-8 years old (which I already figured). He said her heart and lungs sound great. She did have a bacterial ear infection, which he gave me drops for. And she needs to lose about 3 lbs (she's 15.6 lbs, should be around 12). He did check her teeth, and said that we can only possibly save 3 canines. All the rest of her teeth are either already missing, or are so decayed that they need to be pulled. I'm glad that she'll be happier (her poor gums are so red and puffy from the bad teeth) and glad that she'll finally be rid of the God awful breath. But financially it was a bit of a blow. A $200 adoption fee paid for her, and I guess I didn't think I'd need to spend another $300 on dental work/exam/meds. BUT, what can you do. It's just money, right? Besides, how can you worry about money when she's so stinkin' happy to be in a home?

I did have an OB appointment yesterday, I'm 16 weeks. And yes, I know what I'm having. :) But you, along with everyone that isn't my mom or father in law, has to wait. We're doing picture tonight with an amazing photographer, and we'll do a gender reveal pic with the girls. :) I'll post it as soon as I get it. 

Baby looked good, it was so stinkin' active! Legs going everywhere, arms moving around, head turning and mouth opening. You'd think I'd be able to feel all of that, but the dr said that the baby is facing my back and is kicking my placenta. It was pretty cool to see. I got spoiled with seeing Ava on a sonogram twice a week, so this once a month sonogram thing amazes you with how much it's grown every time. 

We declined the Quad 4 screening. Yes, that screening is what diagnosed Ava's gastroschisis, but we would have eventually found that on a sonogram. Besides, there are so many false positives with that test that I don't want to needlessly worry about anything. Plus, this is my baby, and termination is out of the question, and we'll handle whatever issues God throws our way. 

The dr said that the organs look good, same with the spine, head and heart. We didn't get a great face shot, since Baby is facing away. So this predator looking picture is actually a shot of the face through the skull. Crazy, huh?


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Lesley said... [Reply to comment]

Ummm, do I count as a distant relative? Just for today?
Lol...just kidding! I can wait to find out what color I'll be sending a million little baby wash cloths in!

Janice said... [Reply to comment]

I can't wait to find out either! So glad the ultrasound went so well. We always decline the Quad 4 too. Same reasons as you. So excited for you guys!

RyTy said... [Reply to comment]

Congrats on all your new additions. I love sonogram pictures! I have one so similar of my baby boy. Love your blog..can't wait to hear the sex.