Sunday, October 16, 2011

Highs and Lows 10-16 edition

So here we are again. Time for Highs and Lows. Pretty simple. Share the highs and lows of your week.

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  • Last night I pulled an ab muscle. The internet says there are three kids. Mild (results from over stretching the muscle, They cause some discomfort but do not limit your activities), moderate (involve a partial tear of the abdominal wall. They cause frank discomfort when using the abdominal muscle and limit your ability to do abdominal-intensive work, such as crunches or twisting motions) and severe (strains, the muscle is completely torn, causing pain and possibly muscle spasms, swelling and bruising. Normal activities, such as sitting up from a prone position, become problematic.)  Guess which one mine is? Ugh! Hurts so bad to straighten up (so I'm hobbling around like an old lady) and it feels like constant cramps. I have ice on it, and hubby is taking care of the kids and house. Ugh. so bad
  • Remember last week, when I said my oldest has lost her damn mind and is acting like an idiot? She came home on Monday, said two boys knocked her off of her bike for no reason. I saw red, those momma bear claws came right out. Contacted a bunch of my friends, found out where one of the boys lived, talked to his dad. Called the principal, about to call the cops, etc. The next day, the principal interviews Arielle and the boys, turns out that Arielle was bumping them in the back of the legs with her bike since they wouldn't move and let her pass, and they were pushing each other and playing around, and that's when she got knocked off the bike. Ugh! SO PISSED. Caused all of these problems when she lied. So she's grounded for a week, I was ready to strangle her.
  • Went on a date day with hubby on Saturday. Red Lobster, rented a metal detector (got stuck in the mud, oops), went metal detecting, went to the mall, Jason's Deli for dinner. All awesome. Well, most of it. Realized that I hate metal detecting (NOT an outdoors person), so I feel bad, like hubby wasted $40 on the rental, but it's better than buying one for $250 and realizing then that I hate it. 
  • Had dinner with a friend that I haven't seen in ten years, since we were both stationed in Misawa, Japan. She was in Fort Worth for a conference. We met in Dallas (I live about 35 minutes East of Dallas). Super fun, makes the world seem like such a small place though. 
  • Arielle finally has her baby tooth pulled. The adult tooth didn't come up under it, so she had the baby tooth still in place, with the adult tooth way behind it. Arielle said she didn't feel a thing. Plus, I talked to my ex on the phone about our divorce paperwork saying that he's required for paying half (which I've never send him a bill, just wasn't worth the drama) and it surprisingly wasn't an issue. Color me shocked. 
  • Yesterday marks one year that Ava came home from the NICU, after 66 days in the NICU and 6 surgeries. So thankful for that little girl. 

I think that's it. Hard to keep up with my weeks, but I'm getting better at writing things down during the week, so I'm not scratching my head when it comes to this post.


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    emilyacarver said... [Reply to comment]

    Ouch! about your abs! It totally sucks when your in pain and there is nothing you can do about it, but wait for it to heal. And sorry about your daugther...I think there is something in the air because my son's been driving me nuts recently especially with the lying.

    But I bet it was awesome to catch up with an old friend and have a date night with your hubby...I've forgotten what those are like since we've been so busy!

    Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

    Bless your heart! That sounds so painful. Hope you start feeling better VERY soon.

    Date day/night with hubby sounds like tons of fun. Glad you all got some alone time.

    Have a good week!

    Lesley said... [Reply to comment]

    Kids are butts. Total butts.
    But y'know...we have to let them live for legal purposes so they get to keep being butts.
    Hope your tummy feels better soon!

    SkinnyMeg said... [Reply to comment]

    Ummm where's the pic of you stuck in the mud? I loved it :) So sorry about your ab muscle, the older we get the less our bodies love us, ha!