Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kitty Litter + poo = yumminess

No, I haven't gone off of my rocker. Have you heard of a Kitty Litter Cake? It's yummy, but you might have to eat it with your eyes closed.

At hubby's work, the person who had the last birthday is responsible for the next birthday person's cake. They used to always make fun cakes, but then people got busy/lazy/whatever, and started just picking up a cake at the grocery store. But what's the fun in that? The birthday lady, Janet, has always been wonderful to my girls, so I really wanted to do something special for her.

I originally found the recipe here, but after reading thru all of the reviews, decided to alter it a bit.


1 box german chocolate cake mix
1 box white cake mix
1 4 count package of vanilla pudding cups
1 bag of vanilla sandwich coookies
10 or so tootsie rolls
new kitty litter box (the small one was about $3 at Walmart)
new litter scoop

Bake both cakes according to the recipe on the box. let cool. Try not to eat too much of it (I heart warm cake fresh out of the oven)

After the cakes cooled, I put the chocolate cake on the bottom. Trim if you need to to fit. I forgot to take a pic of that. So pretend this pic is of chocolate cake, about half as tall. 

Then put the white cake on top of that. Mine is cut up in pieces, since my cake pan was being stupid and wouldn't release it in one nice piece.

I then took the pudding cups (I used all 4) and spread a thin layer on top of the white cake.

I used the cheapo Walmart brand of the vanilla sandwich cookies. Apparently they are really good though, since hubby said I'm not allowed to buy them anymore and I had to keep him from stealing the cookies from me. I put about 2/3 of them in a large ziplock bag, and then used a rolling pin to crush them. The original recipe says to use a food processor, but I'm cheap and never bought one.

I then spread a layer of the crushed cookies on top of the pudding layer. Apparently I sucked at the taking pics part of this tutorial.

I used tootsie roll minis, since the long tootsie rolls are too thin. I just unwrapped two of them, and worked the two ends together. Then put it in the microwave on a plate, heated them up on high for 10 seconds. Then when they're soft and pliable, have your hubby form them into "poop" (twist the ends so they are no longer blunt, curve them, etc). Then place them on the cookie layer.

Try not to gag when hubby is finished with the poop part. He had too much fun with these.

And voila! Poopy cake.

Oh, and apparently it was very good. Hubby texted me this pic after the party. Scraped clean, yo.

What I learned:

  • You can use any kind of cake you want, since the vanilla sandwich layer covers everything. Some reviews said they used marble cake, spice cake, etc. 
  • Other people used peanut butter cookies (i.e. Nutter Butter) instead of the vanilla. But I was happy with the color of the vanilla cookies. 
  • The original recipe calls for you to save part of the vanilla cookies and mix them with green food coloring and sprinkle that on top. But I don't remember having green bits in my litter when we owned cats, so I nixed that part. 
  • The original recipe calls for you to crumble both cakes, then mix the vanilla pudding mix until it's moist but not soggy. But that just sounds weird to me, and some reviews said it wasn't very tasty and was hard to scoop out, so I just did layers of cake. 

Oh, and you want to know how you know if your cake was a success?  When the party started at 2, and your facebook page looks like this at 2:30.


    We all love a good party:

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    Kristen said... [Reply to comment]

    What a great gag! It looks delicious as you were making it, but I don't know if I could bring myself to eat the final product :)

    Lesley said... [Reply to comment]

    That's hilarious! You're so funny, girlie.
    I just showed this to Alli and she said, " Don't they have normal cake there? Why are they eating poop? "
    I told her it's pretend poop and she's like, " I don't get it. It's funny to eat pretend poop? Growed ups are weird. "

    Tannis said... [Reply to comment]

    That is way too fun! I am looking forward to showing my girl this post, she may just think it's disgusting though. Thanks for sharing.

    Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said... [Reply to comment]

    haha the camp i went to as a kid would make this. it's so fun!! it really actually does taste yummy lol.

    Julie said... [Reply to comment]

    I saw this last night and have to say that I definatly thought this topped the cakes for interesting. I am sure that they were like WHAT in the world is that when they saw it. I also think that is a great idea that the last persons birthday is the one that should buy the cake. What a great idea!

    Cara S. said... [Reply to comment]

    OMG, this takes dirt cake to a whole nother level. I have to agree with the facebook commenter that said this is both disgusting and awesome at the same time. LOL. So funny, thanks for sharing. New follower here!

    Tiffany said... [Reply to comment]

    I have heard about this type of cake before but never knew exactly how to make it. Glad to see it was a hit!

    SkinnyMeg said... [Reply to comment]

    That is the most rockstar cake ever!! You are too much fun :) I'm pretty sure I WOULD have to eat it with my eyes closed!

    Helen said... [Reply to comment]

    Yikes... that sounds delicious, but looks disgusting!

    -Helen from Bettencourt Chase

    NicPic Photography said... [Reply to comment]

    HAHAHAHAH!!! This looks soo funny! I'll have to make it for one of my hubbys guy friends. i'm sure they will love it!! ;)

    Lisa said... [Reply to comment]

    No way! I can't help but gag at this! LOL! When I think of my own cat's litter box, there's no way I'd ever consider eating it : )

    Alison Agnew said... [Reply to comment]

    that is hilarious and oh-so-gross! full marks for creativity...thanks (i think) for sharing at fridays unfolded.

    stuff and nonsense

    the cape on the corner said... [Reply to comment]

    i've seen this, and tasted this. still grosses me out and amuses me at the same time. can't help but grimace/smile at it, lol!

    Miss Charming said... [Reply to comment]

    This is both disgusting and amazing! (I'm wondering who I can make one for.)

    nicolette {momnivores dilemma} said... [Reply to comment]

    Repulsive and hilarious!

    Thanks for linking to Creative Juice. Hope to see you back again this week...

    idesign said... [Reply to comment]

    so disgusting and hilarious! lol