Monday, April 11, 2011

SOC Sunday- Inhibitions and judgements

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Five minutes. Got it. Ready, set, go.
So, I'm late with my SOC post. My father in law is in town for the week, and we packed up the heathens (aka our kids) and drove down to San Antonio early Saturday morning, and we drove back yesterday. It was only a 4 hour drive, but the drive back took longer since we stopped at a few stores and broke up the drive.

So basically I was too freaking tired to do it yesterday. And I realized that never again will I share a hotel room with my 3 kids. Arielle talked in her sleep, which woke up the baby at 11pm. Then Jasmin started snoring, which woke up the baby at 2am. Then the baby woke up crying at 4am, and I said screw it and just pulled her in bed with me. So after not getting much sleep the previous two nights, I passed out last night.

So after the Alamo, the Riverwalk, Ripley's Believe It or Not, and dinner,  hubby and the FIL took my oldest two to the pool, and I stayed in the room with Ava. She was tired, and it was way past her bedtime, and I always try to give hubby some time alone with his dad. 

So they get back, and Jake was telling me that there was another little girl at the pool, so my two ran over to her and started playing. Splashing, pretending to be ninjas and mermaids, stuff like that. 

And I got to thinking. I've always loved how uninhibited children are. That every other person their size is just a friend they haven't met yet. My kids will be playing with another kid at the park for an hour, and my girls will tell me "I made a new friend!" And when I ask them what their friends name is, I get the "I dunno" response in return.

You always hear stories about bullying and such. And then there are cliques, and mean girls, and the "in" crowd and the cool kids.

At what point does it change? As much as I try to teach my girls about accepting other people and their differences, people judge. You're too skinny. Too fat. Your clothes aren't name brand.
I know eventually, my kids will have to deal with it. Either as the giver or the receiver of the judging and school torment. I just wish they could always be so free and uninhibited. 


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Janice said... [Reply to comment]

I wish I could still be that uninhibited!

And I'm so glad to hear someone else hates staying in a hotel room with their kids! It's awful! Other people seem to have these fun stories of staying in a hotel and how great it was. I get NO sleep. And I'm not good on no sleep. It makes for an unhappy mama. And that makes everyone else unhappy.

all.things.fadra said... [Reply to comment]

I'm one of those people that loves hotel time but it's just the 3 of us so it's like a little family party.

I wish my son were more uninhibited. He's 4 but still holds back especially when kids don't act just like him. I wish he could just let loose and go have fun. And yes, I also worry about that day when the kids are not so tolerant :(