Sunday, March 20, 2011

SOC Sunday- Muffins are bad, mmmkay?

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Five minutes. Got it. Ready, set, go.
So, I've managed to be talented enough to gain 4 lbs in the past two weeks. Not sure how the hell that happened. I've been eating the same, not working out the same, etc. Which kinda goes against my whole "I'm going to work out for my New Years Resolution" thang.
But one day I was feeling extra muffiny, and it wasn't my period so I wasn't fluffy from that, and I stepped on the scale, and it read 126.8. I'm normally at 123 right on the nose. So how the hell did that happen? And no, I'm not pregnant. I took a test. Okay, two of them. Just good ole extra fluffy. 

I gain weight in my stomach and muffin top. It's amazing how that 4 lb gain can make me go from "super sexy, confident, bad ass chick" to "oh baby, lights off is sexier." I mean, when 4 lbs is the difference between okay and not okay, I'm straddling that line a little too close. 

So again, I'm on a goal to lose weight. For reals this time. Should have just started when I weighed 123, so I didn't have an extra 4 lbs to lose to get back to where I was. I really want to be 118. Okay, 116 would be awesome but 118 would be okay too. And my bloggy bestie Lesley has lost 25 lbs since January. 25 lbs! And here I am, lamenting about having to lose 8-10 lbs.

So I've started writing down everything that I eat, and I look up the calories and write those down too. Holy crap, I eat a lot of crap. Eating for the sake of eating. I won't lie, I enjoy eating. It'd probably be one of my hobbies. I heart food. Like, want to take romantic strolls and have candlelight dinners with it. But I need to know that I'm 30 and that whole "metabolism thang" just ain't what it used to be.

And yes, I know. 4 lbs isn't a big deal. And I'm sure you're thinking that I'm being vain about my looks/weight/whatever and I should STFU. But, I'm 5'4 and normally 123. A 4 lb gain is huge. And completely obvious. And I can only wear solid black so often.

I looked up how many calories I should be eating. To maintain, it's 1890. To lose weight, it's 1495. I hit 1510 on Friday. On Saturday I hit 2205. But there was a UFC fight on, and in a moment of weakness, we ordered Buffalo Wild Wings, which was an extra 600 calories on that day. Oops. 

So I've been working out every day, and actually feeling pretty damn good. Let's just hope it keeps up. Hubby works out 5 days a week, protein shakes for breakfast, eats really well. Blah. Hopefully it'll be motivation to get back to being my super confident self. I'll post a pic of him if you promise not to notice that it'll put me over my 5 minutes. And if hot shirtless men offend you, stop here.

***End of 5 minutes. Oops***

So yeah, when hubby looks like that, it's kinda hard not to want to be in shape. Just tell those powdered donuts to stop calling my name, mmmkay?

Scale results this morning. 125.4. In yo face, muffin top!


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Lesley said... [Reply to comment]

I retract my previous comment. I love you and all that. You know that. We fat people get our gigantic panties in a knot sometimes. ♥

TP said... [Reply to comment]

It only takes a few pounds to make you feel like your body has taken its sexy back. :(

I gain weight mostly on my bottom half and I hate it. I was a twig as a kid so now that I have two kids and my metabolism is slowing down I don't know how to deal with all the "extra." (well, you know...outside of healthy diet and exercise.)

all.things.fadra said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you, thank you. We're the same height with the exact same weight goals and challenges. It's PERCENTAGE of weight gain, people! And is that seriously your husband?

Kristen @ Who's Watching the Baby? said... [Reply to comment]

I think if you put on your awesome 5 inch black satin heels, ain't nobody gonna be lookin' at yo muffin top - whether it's a mini muffin, or a Texas muffin.

I mean, I'm all for fitness and whatever, but short term? Rock the stilettos, baby.

Melisa S. said... [Reply to comment]

I'd take 123, 125, heck anything under 130. I was 100 pounds most of my life and then got a desk job and married and went uphill from there. It is amazing what 4 pounds will do, isn't it?

Life, Crafts and Whatever said... [Reply to comment]

Fadra, thank you for posting that. I know 4 lbs isn't a huge deal, but I swear it's so obvious on me. And yes, that's my hubby. See why I need to stay in shape, LOL!

Jenn said... [Reply to comment]

I am quite a bit heavier than you, but I completly understand how much a difference a few pounds can make when you are strataling that 'line' I know when I hit a certain weight and I simply feel blah! You go girl on working out. I'm in the same weight loss boat :)