Sunday, July 31, 2011

Highs and Lows 7-31

So here we are again. Time for Highs and Lows. Pretty simple. Share the highs and lows of your week.

Life, Crafts and Whatever


After wanting to chop it off for years, I finally did it. It's SO much easier to fix. Instead of taking forever to dry and straighten (I've been blessed with really thick hair) I can have it finished in 15 minutes. Plus hubby says it makes me look younger. I'm turning 31 29 on August 2nd, I'm all for looking young.

Hubby had another tattoo appointment. We have two appointments left, I'm so excited with how it's looking.

  • FINALLY finished up the tray for my bloggy buddy LP. She won that thing FOREVER ago. I just need to throw some coats of clear on it, and it'll ship out on Tuesday. 
  • Finished up Ava's ringmaster dress for her birthday party! Can't believe that my baby is going to be one. 
  • Hubby took me to Red Lobster for my birthday dinner. My mom had the older girls for the night, so it was just him, me and Ava. Ava kept grabbing my arm, trying to steal my crab legs. Had a lovely time, I love that man. I told hubby that on my birthday, I just want a low key night at home with the family. Filets, corn and potatoes on the grill, that'll make me a happy girl.
  • I won a cool giveaway for some crafting supplies. I heart free stuff. 


  • my wrist is hurting really bad. I have a ganglion cyst on my left wrist that acts up from time to time. Usually when it gets big enough, I'll pop it with a piercing needle and drain it (I know, ewww, right?). But I don't feel any fluid in there, and I can't bend my wrist. Don't know if I slept on it wrong? It even hurts to type, and of course I hold Ava with my left arm, so that's making it difficult. 
  •  Had a horrible haircut before I finally got a great one. Jour Salon in Rockwall? Yeah, you suck.
Overall, not a bad week. Link up, peeps. 


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Shayna said... [Reply to comment]

Glad you found my blog, though its not hard for me to find yours since I probably check it at least twice a week. Obsessive, I know.

I love the hair cut! Very edgy and much better than the first. It made me upset to hear about your first experience, my aunt owns a salon and I am studying cosmetology now...not acceptable :(

Your hubs tattoo is awesome, im in the works for designing one for my hubs. Love the detail!

Thanks a million for the prayer for my cuz. I hope your hand gets better, I know exactly how you feel! I had a HUGE ganglion cyst removed last year that was extremely painful, it attached to a tendon/nerves. Not cool!

Shay xx

Rachel said... [Reply to comment]

Happy birthday! I love "Red Lomster," as my 5yo calls it. :)

I can't wait to see that dress for your little one!!!

Janice said... [Reply to comment]

I've already noted that you're hair looks great, and it does! Perfect for right before a birthday!

Happy birthday, a day early, by the way! I think being in my 30's is fantastic. Best decade yet, I'd say.

And Ava's Ringmaster dress is adorable!

I WISH we lived close to a Red Lobster. Crab and those biscuits. YUM! My anniversary is next week and I could really use some crab.

Sisterino said... [Reply to comment]

Holy crap. Your hair is hot!!!! I love it!!

Julie said... [Reply to comment]

Totally suck ith... I was too busy focusing on doing Julie @ It's Sew Stinkin' Cute that I did my e-mail address wrong... boo. Anywho... sorry your wrist hurts, hopefully it feels better with some RnR. LOVE your hair cut! You are a hot momma! Love the sweet dinners with the hubby! Can't wait to see you... what is it like 11 days! Yeah! Miss you!

Julie said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, and I will be wishing you a proper Happy Birthday tomorrow... Julie style... no worries! But just incase I get uber busy and for some reason my brain escapes me... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!