Friday, April 29, 2011

Kreativ Blogger? Who, me?

What is it with these crazy people wanting to give me these blog awards? Don't they know I just write about random crap? Apparently random crap = creative blogging. Hell, I'll take it. So here is my Kreativ Blogger award. It's purposely misspelled so it's uber prestigious.

Kim at Little Rays of Sunshine has given me this award.  She has a super cute blog and is the mommy to a precious baby girl. 

Same rules as all of the other awards. Thank, share random interesting facts about yourself (this one requires 10 instead of the normal 7),  and pass on. 

So here we go. 10 interesting things? Yowzas. 

Cute, right? I would name him Bill.
1. I really want to own a donkey. I think they're uh-dor-able! We have a lot of farms around here, and there are always donkeys in with the cows. I looked it up one day, and apparently the donkeys protect the cows from predators. There is a cute donkey at one farm around here, I keep telling hubby that I'm going to stick it in my pocket one day and bring it home. Think of all the time it'll save him from having to mow the lawn. I keep using that as part of my argument, but hubby isn't going for it. Apparently our backyard is too small, blah blah blah.

2. I have the coolest parrot in existence. His name is Jack, and he's an eclectus parrot. He says a lot of words. Hello, Come here, step up, hey what are you doing, No no bad bird. Things like that. One of is favorite things is to take a shower, he'll stretch out his wings, flap, squawk, etc. He looks horrible in this pic. I normally do a very conservative wing clip (just take off the first 3 or 4 flight feathers) but I had the vet do it when he trimmed his nails. And the vet clipped off ALL of his flight feathers. All his pretty blue feathers, on the floor. I was pretty upset.

3. I just realized that I had no damn clue how to spell "squawk". Tried 4 or 5 different ways, and had to google it. Kept putting the q and the w in the wrong places. 

4. Law & Order SVU is one of my favorite shows. Besides Olivia and Eliott, my favorite characters are Agent Wong, Fin and Munch.

5. I bruise super easily. Most of the time, I don't even know where I got my bruises from. Two nights ago, I was drying off after the shower, and brought my arm down and hit the back of my arm on the shower door handle. And yup, the back of my arm has a huge black and blue mark on it. I think someone said I'm supposed to eat more bananas?

6. My favorite cereal is Basic 4. I heart it. And Walmart doesn't carry it, so I'll make a special trip to the grocery store just to buy it. And I'm a mean mommy and won't share it with my kids. A small box of it is like $5. Mommy is stingy. Here's a bowl of generic lucky charms. Eat up.

7. Coming up with 10 interesting things is really freaking hard. I've already done 3 posts before with seven interesting things. Apparently I'm only about 27 facts worth of interesting. 

8. I love playing Words with Friends on my phone. Wanna play me? My user name is jenfur427

9. I was not even kinda interested in the Royal Wedding. Hell, I only knew it happened today because of all the updates on facebook. I guess I'm missing the Fairy Tale gene or something. 

10. We went to Discovery Cove on our honeymoon. I've been wanting to do it for FOREVER. Hubby sprung for the Trainer for the Day program, which was awesome. Extra time in the water with the dolphins, behind the scenes tour, we were able to pet other animals not on the program (nurse shark, sloth, owl, etc)

Okay, so here is the part where I'm supposed to spread the blog love. Here are my picks in no particular order. 

Go check them out, I heart these ladies. Do it. Doooo eeetttttt.


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Janice said... [Reply to comment]

I'm impressed that you made it to 27 before admitting you were out of facts. I'm fairly certain I'd be done around 6. And I'm not saying they'd be 6 INTERESTING things. Just 6 things. Like I have 10 toes.

You're so Kreativ.

Erin W said... [Reply to comment]

Girl I'm so with you! I'm so out of facts :) lol HOWEVER, I need something to blog about today so you just gave me the best topic :) lol

Oh and yes, I want a mini horse to put in the backyard. His name would be Bob! :)

Lesley said... [Reply to comment]

First of all I have to tell you that I, out loud, said Doooo eeet with you.
I lurve L&A:SVU. My favorite episode this season was when Elliot was super sexy. Oh wait...that's every episode.
PS have you ever watched the HBO show OZ? If you ever have the need ( like I have had many a time ) to see MR. Elliot sans pants, check it out.

Jazmin @ My Little Memory Jar said... [Reply to comment]

Awww! You totally deserve the award! You are super creative.