Monday, February 13, 2012

Highs and Lows 2/13/2012

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  • Nothing to report that was bad. The nausea comes and goes, but at least it's not all freaking day long like it has been. It's only made me toss my cookies three times, one of those times being a few minutes ago. Usually I have some warning, but this time, I could barely make it to the kitchen sink. Ugh. 

  • Ava had her evaluation with ECI on Monday. They were here for about an hour, seeing what she could do. This is how she measured up (based on her adjusted age of 15 months, she's 18 months now). 
self help= 20 months old
social skills= 20 months old
fine motor= 28 months old
communication= 23 months old
cognitive= 18 months old
gross motor skills= 10 months old

Holy cow! Minus the 10 months old on gross motor skills (i.e. walking), she's so far ahead. Every parent thinks their baby is smart, and while we've always thought that it's nice to see it. We declined services for now, and said that if Ava isn't walking in two months, we'll call them back. 

  • This was Ava last night. Up until two days ago, she's only taken one or two steps, and her max was 6. Ummm, OMG! You tell her "Ready, Set...." and she'll say "GO!" and start walking. It's not the best video, my oldest recorded it on my cell phone, but OMG! So proud of that girl.

  • Lover surprised me on Saturday and said that we were doing an early Valentine's Day. I thought it was weird that my mom insisted on keeping all three girls, all day Saturday and overnight, when she had been out of town all week and didn't get home until 2am on Saturday morning. We went and saw Safe House (SO GOOD!) and then went to Texas de Brazil. It was awesome! I had never been there before. There is a huge salad bar, and the staff walks around with huge skewers of meat and you pick which ones you want. I ate three big plates of salad and cucumbers, and three filets. Pretty good for the chick who's stomach is all testy and weird when I'm pregnant. I'm a dork and forgot to take any pics, but holy crap, I love that man. 
  • Last week, I was craving some chips and salsa from Chipotle. Darn you, person on Pinterest who posted a recipe about Chipotle salsa. I put up a sweet status on FB, basically asking hubby to bring some home or I would die.

An hour later, I get a text from a new friend, and it said "Check your front porch". And this is what I found. 

Isn't that so sweet? And they were the best chips I've ever had. Amazing what joy $2 and a few minutes out of your day can do for someone. Thank you Elizabeth!

  • Spent some much needed time with Lover this weekend. I feel like we haven't seen each other at all in the past few weeks. I go to bed so early, or I'm zoned out on the couch. We did our date day on Saturday, and then Sunday we had donuts for breakfast, Five Guys for lunch, and Panda Express for dinner. Holy crap, so much eating out! But I heart eating out, and my stomach handled it well. So yay!
  • I've been on GREAT terms with my ex husband lately. We've been.... questionable over the years. But he's made huge efforts in the past year to keep in contact with the girls, remember to send them presents on birthdays and holidays. And he even took it upon himself to set up an increase to the child support when I asked (and saved me the hassle of going to court), since it's been 5 years since we got divorced. The girls are going to spend two weeks with him this June, and they are so excited. Fingers crossed things stay kosher. I hate fighting with people you're stuck being in contact with until the kids are 18. 
I think that's it. It's been a good week. 


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Go Ava!!!
You had a great week!

And I linked up. I need to look younger by losing the gray, k?