Monday, July 9, 2012

Family fun day at Six Flags

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 So, on Friday, we took the older girls to Six Flags. They have been looking forward to it for months. At their school, they had a program called "360 minutes" and if you read for 360 minutes in whatever amount of time they gave you, you got a free kids ticket to Six Flags. I tried to save money where I could, knowing that it'd be an expensive day, so I purchased our adult tickets for myself, hubby and my father in law online to save a few bucks. So Friday morning, we headed out early, went to breakfast, dropped our toddler off at my mom's, and then drove to Six Flags. 

Want to know how to make a pregnant chick cry on a fun family day? Have her realize when you're 5 minutes from Six Flags and over an hour from home that she forgot to grab the kid's fee tickets off the bulletin board. Thankfully my father in law paid for the kid's tickets when we got to Six Flags, but anyone having to spend $92 because you forgot something would be enough to make anyone cry. 

Thankfully it wasn't too busy. We (meaning the girls and the men) were able to get on quite a few rides with no waiting. Being 28 weeks pregnant, I didn't ride much, just a little boat ride in Looney Tunes land, and a little ride where kids got to drive a car. Poor Jasmin, my middle child, wanted me to go on ALL the rides with her. 

I freaking love when we have someone else with us, so I can get out from behind the camera and actually be in a pic or two. 

I noticed that Jake and I always end up dressing in the same color, totally unplanned. Hubby says that it means that we've been married for too long. :) 

My oldest got to ride her first "big girl" roller coaster, the Texas Giant. Jake loves roller coasters, so I was glad that she was able to ride a couple of them with him.

Jasmin was able to ride a roller coaster too, the Shock Wave. I wonder how they determine the height requirements on roller coasters. She wasn't tall enough to ride the Texas Giant, but she was tall enough to ride the roller coaster with two loops on it?

One of the two rides that I did ride, a little antique car that went all of 10 MPH.

We stayed until 4:30, and then went to pick up Ava and go out to eat. There was no way that I was making dinner that night. 

In case you couldn't tell, someone loves her Grandpa. 

Overall, it was great day, but it totally kicked my butt. But it was worth it to see the smiles on my kids faces. <3

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c. Joy said... [Reply to comment]

At least you can blame your forgetfulness on pregnancy - The only excuse I can us is 'my gray hair.' Looks like a fun time was had by all.

c. Joy said... [Reply to comment]

use not us ---- what can I blame my poor spelling on?

Lesley said... [Reply to comment]

Looks like an awesome day, I love the look on your face on that car!

Twitch - Lynne said... [Reply to comment]

So it was your girls I heard screaming last week lol. I work across the freeway from Six Flags - and I have the perfect view of the Titan. Needless to say, I'm consistently jealous of everyone riding roller coasters while I'm turning into a popsicle at work. Glad ya'll had fun!