Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Life, Crafts and Whatever! LCW is growing daily, and a great way to promote your etsy shop, business, or blog! 

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**Willing to trade ad space for an item of like pricing, depending on what it is***

Want to advertise without sponsoring? I can do that too. I love doing reviews! I can also host a giveaway for you, provided that I receive a like item for myself to keep. Giveaways run for one week, and will be promoted on my blog, personal and blog FB pages and twitter. The winner is randomly selected, I provide you their email address, and you are responsible for shipping. Easy peasy. I do reserve the right to turn down review/giveaway opportunities if I do not feel they fit with the LCW audience. 

For questions, email me at jenfur427 at hotmail dot com